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Last Updated August 10,2018





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Fly Fishing ,false albacore on the rocks

July 24 Fishing Newport reefs

 Top water action eat that

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June 8,2012 Chip Lawrence 15 lb Striper

June 6, 2012 fly fishing video

May 31, 2012 Fly Fishing Video

Live Bait Circle Hook May 31, 2012


Fishing report On The Rocks Charter's

This is Rhode Island coastal fishing report

August 10,2018

High tide 7:15 am

Light NW wind

David Sternberg and long time friends Jim Preston and John I never got his last name. We left Newport at 5:30 and John had the first fish in the boat before the sun was over the horizon. That's when the verbal banter started they are good  friends  for over 60 years. Growing up in Mass and staying in contact for ever. It was a special day, Dave has fished with me earlier this year and decide to invite the guys to fish RI waters. We had fish around the boat early and the tide was flooding in. Around 7:00 I  motored to an area holding some nice fish earlier in the  week. Soon Jim was tight to a quality fish, but unfortunately we dropped it at the boat , pulled the hook. I had eyes on the fish at least 20 pound's around 36-40 inch, very nice fish. The tide was slack and we deiced to  look for some Bonito that have been feeding to the East. We found loads of bait and some quality blue fish. We finished off the day with loads of school stripers and Bluefish. No bonito toady. I enjoye the day with the guys , they are truly good friends. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines


August 8,2018

high tide 6;00 am

Newport RI

Today fishing with Jason Riffkin, he is a RI resident, we have reschedule this trip  on 2 previous occasions. Today was a beautiful day. The water flat and the wind was light , a good fly fishing day. After leaving the dock at 5:30 within minutes Jason had his first striper on the line. Getting  a fish on the first cast, can be a kiss of death but not today. Jason had a good day landing over 20 stripers today on fly . No big fish today but they were feeding. Jason has some work to do on his casting but showed  signs of improvement. I enjoy the day with him and will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.


Newport High tide 5:00 am

Wind light SW

  Today I am fishing with Stan Sotherden and his sons Luke and Matthew. all first time trying to catch a striped bass. Luke would try his hand with the fly rod and Matt and Stan were on light tackle. Stan started us off early with his first striper, and Matt soon joined the party. We caught fish in several different places today, the action was slower than yesterday. Stan connected with a quality fish and soon we had a healthy 31 in striper. Matthew landed several stripers on top water and a 5-6 pound bluefish. Luke  has never fly fish other than some fresh water with a 5 weight rod. He was using a 8 weight today and ,had no issues with the different weight. His casting improved as the day progressed. He did connect with a fish which unfortunately held on to tight. And the fish was gone instantly. I am sure Luke will become an avid fly fisherman, He was very happy to be casting the rod. That's what makes a true fly guy.  I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.


 August 6, 2018

High tide 3:15 am

 light winds

 Leaving the dock today with Damon and Chantal, both have fished with me several times. We started off little slow, the area was void of bait. As I  headed  to the East I found  a few fish feeding and Damon put several school striper in the boat to get us going. All fish today were healthy 22-26 inch with only one smaller fish about 21 inch. Chantal got in the game and we continued to pick striper's until the tide turned.  It was  a quick trip and back to the dock around 9:30. Both Chantal and  Damon had a great day celebrating her birthday. Landing over 24 fish. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

August 5,2018

Its has been a while since my last report. Unsettled weather and family things have keep me off the water. But I can say this, the fishing is a good as it gets for the month of August. The bait fish is abundant and the stripers are every where. From Newport to Point Judith reports of Stripers  feeding on small bait. Atlantic Bonito have arrived but are spread out along the coast. Find the bait and you might find bonito. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

Thursday  July26 2018


   Small Craft advisory, strong wind and rain has caused me to cancel or reschedule my trips this week.

I will be out again soon look for my reports Until then tight lines



Saturday July 21,2018

ESE 10 increasing20

Low tide 9:30 am

 Leaving from Fort Adams in Newport R.I. with Hoesa Nelson and his good friend Bob. The weather man would call the shots today. Th Easterly wind would be a factor. The pre storm bite can go either way, fish can be very active or non existent. I have been doing very well with fish about a mile off the shore line. Today I knew I had to find fish quickly. I passed by most of my favorite places to check the area off the coast. Soon I found birds working in the same location. Hosea would be fly fishing today, and Bob would work light tackle to start. Hosea hooked up quickly with a few fish early. The boat traffic was increasing and the fish were scarce, and moving fast. The activity was short lived, the birds were gone and the fish settled down on the bottom to ride out the weather. We struggled to find fish covering all the prime area. My networking with other Captains told the same story. Hosea landed a handful of school striper on fly , while Bob was not able to connect. Its fishing, every day is different. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

July 20,2018

low tide 8:15 am

SSW 5-10

 Today fishing with Dave Stenberg, he lives in the same town and first time fishing RI. We meet at my house in time to be in Newport for 5:30 am. Dave has done a lot of fishing, around New England, but he never fished RI. He is a avid Light tackle angler ,and has just started  fresh water fly fishing. We started the day with spin rods to put some fish over the rail. After landing more fish than we counted. The fly rod was next test. With a little instruction Dave was getting the hang of it. Shortly Dave landed his first school striper. He had a few more and missed a fish or two. But finished the day with 2 striper under his belt. A good day for a new foly fisher. The fish were feeding on the surface most of the morning. We talk about the things for Dave to work on, practice casting. Dave was very happy with day, aand so am I. I will be out again soon look for my report Until the tight lines

July 19,2018


ow tide 7:11 am

Today fishing with Harry ,Glenn and Dick. They are long time friends and getting together to enjoy a day on the water.Harry and Glenn have never caught stripers , today we took care of that. The three guys had a great time catching fish most of the morning. The stripers were in the same area I left them yesterday morning. The action lasted until about 10:00 am. and all the guys caught more than a handful of stripers up to 24" no big fish today. The little guy's are so aggressive the big fish don't have a chance to get to the plug. More fish than I can count, Harry had the biggest and the most today. But who was counting. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines



Low tide 6:15 am

Newport RI

 Fishing today with long time friend Gill Valentine. We left the dock around 5:30 and the wind was already well into 15  and scheduled to increase to around 20. We hit a few key points of structure and connected immediately with a few nice school size stripers. As I headed to the East along the shore  I spotted birds working a mile or so off the coastline. We connected with more stripers and blues. They were moving very fast ,we would land a fish and have to relocate to continue the hunt. This continued for a few hours the fish continued to move quickly,the rest  of the morning. The wind chased us of the water around 9;30 am . The count was about a dozen stripers and  a 5-6 lb bluefish. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

Monday July 16,2018

Light SW wind

Incoming tide

Block Island report

 With an open day my good friend Captain Ray Stachelek and I would take a day to explore Block Island located off the coast of Point Judith RI. Our good friend  Dave Pollack, an   avid fly fisherman would join us to round out the day of fly fishing. We headed out to the Island under darkness, and soon we were in the hunt, Ray had this under control. He put us in the game early. I connected first with a healthy fish just over the 28 inch mark. The game was on, we had a steady pick as the tide filled. These were all quality fish. Ray caught the most Dave caught the big one toaday. Fish up 15 pound came over the rail and back to fight again. I was a great day for me to be in the front of the boat,rather than at the helm. Thanks to Cast A Fly Charters. I wil be out again soon look for my reprt Until Then Thight lines

Saturday July 14,2018

 Wind ESE 5-10

New Moon

 High tide 9:45

Bill Mertes and his 8 year old son Billy , in RI for a half day fishing trip. Billy has caught fish on the family small farm pond but no saltwater fishing. We left Newport at 5:30 in hope of catching their first striper. The morning started off a little slow, giving both a few casting instructions. Bill  was able to cast and I knew if we found fish he could score. Billy being  young would need some help. I moved around looking for fish along the shore. Finally I found some activity in shallow water not far off the shore line. Both Billy and his dad pick up a school striper immediately  and a quick picture of their first striper. We continued to catch and release fish until the tide stopped. father and son landed well over a couple dozen fish up to 24 inch. Billy loved it and I believe he will be and excellent fisherman soon.  I am sure our paths will cross again in the future, They enjoyed the day ,and I loved working with Billy he is a well mannered young man. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

Monday July 9,2018

high tide 5;45


Today Christine Marsh is finally going to get a day fly fishing Newport. We have tried to hook up several times in the last few years. Mother nature always got the last laugh. Timing is everything when it come's to fly fishing. We had sudden change of plans on the start time and location. Newport would be to far for her to travel. Christine had a very late arrival in RI and we decide to push back the start time and moved the departure closer to Providence. When we left the dock the tide was dropping and I checked a few spots in the bay. Water was creeping up to around 72* getting  a little warm. We arrived in Newport after 8 :00 am and found no signs of life. We worked the shore line as the wind increased as the tide dropped. Christine is and fairly good caster and work very hard today. The fish that were  feeding on the reef the last few days have moved out before we arrived. I can see a rematch in the future for Christine. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

July 8,2018

High tide 3:45

 Jim and his Son were looking to spend a full day fly fishing around Newport. I discussed the option of starting early and getting a half day in to beat the crowd. Sunday boat traffic around Newport with a sailing regatta can be very close quarters. Jim and discussed other  dates in next few week and will spend the full day they are looking for.I will be out again soon look form y report. Until then tight lines


Lo tide 8;30 am

NW 10

 Project Healing waters.  Today was the first event for Stars for stripers, fly fishing with disabled vets

It was my honor to take Terry and Kevin out for their first saltwater fly fishing trip. Both men have done very little fly fishing and this would be a new experience fishing form a boat. We left the dock after a great breakfast and meet and greet. One captain for each vet. The demand for captains was high and could have used more Captains willing to give the time. Today the fishing was difficult for both my anglers. The late start and very busy waters were a factor. Terry and Kevin improved their casting and will be ready for the event next year. I will be there and so will they. It was a great event and very well organized. I will be out again soon look for my report Until the tight lines

July 6,2018

Newport RI

low tide 6:34  heavy fog

Light wind

Leaving the dock under heavy fog, going would be slow for a while. I motored over to Jamestown ,crossing the  harbor channel from Newport. This was the first Newport trip this season. shortly  after leaving the dock we were casting to school stripers. They were splashing happily as the tide began to come to a stop. They were plentiful but selective. The fly rod seemed to work a little better today. Gil caught his share and probably the biggest also. We found fish in several locations, the fog finally lifted around 10:0am. There is sand eels in the areas nad can make the fish very selective. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

June 29,2018

 WNW 5-10 increasing

Full moon

High tide 9:30am

First time saltwater fishing for Jay Browning. Jay has caught trout and loves to fish. Today he caught stripers for the first time. Jay had a slow start trying cast enough line. He landed 7 stripers today although the first he hooked  got away with long release. The wind made things  a little bit harder for a beginner. Jay enjoyed the day and probably will try  striper fishing agin. I wil be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.



High tide8:10 am

Jim Cassidy fishing again today , leaving the dock with clear skies and a steady breeze from the South West. Jim is a long time client and a avid fly fisherman. Fishing has been a little slow for the fly fisherman this week. Windy conditions made fishing some areas impossible. We spent most of the trip working a shore that offered some protection. Jim managed to land 7 school stripers today. At one point this morning Jim connected with the fish of a life time on a fly. A big fish took the fly and immediately stared to thrash around on the surface. I could tell this was a great fish, well over 20 pounds for sure. Jim likes to use an 8 weight rod to avoid fatigue. The fish was tight and took off for the nearby structure. Jim did all he could , the reel was screaming and  Jim was applying loads of turning pressure. I watched as the fish bolted behind a huge boulder just off shore. It was over , like going to  a gun fight with a pea shooter. I all honesty, you could not have stopped this fish with conventional gear,  not in the conditions presented today. Jim had a thrill of a life time, and I was excited. We continued the rest of the day. Thinking what a great fish, would have been nice to land. another day perhaps. I will be out again soon look for my report Until the tight lines.

June 26,2018


high tide 7:38

Kurt Ransohoff back again today . We left the dock with a good tide and a gentle breeze to start the day. Every day is different, you never know what to expect. Today we found less fish, with much better conditions than  the day before. Kurt finished the day with 7 stripers and all around 22 inch. We found no big fish today and did not see any bait. It was good fishing with Kurt again he will be back in October for his false albacore fix. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines..



High tide6:45

Kurt Ransohoff will be with me today and tomorrow. He is a avid fly fisherman who can handle a fly rod. The wind today was not predicted for the morning. The stiff North wind took some good areas away today. We managed to land several nice fish early in the trip. That was good because the conditions got tougher as the tide dropped. We fished the outgoing tide and back to the dock around 10:00. Kurt boated  at least 20 stripers this morning with a nice 10lb striper. The fish took the fly we were in 6 ft of water and soon Kurt was into the backing. Quick picture and released to fight again. We will be out again tomorrow look for my report Until then tight lines

June 22,2018

Low tide 10:00am

 Wind ENE 5-10

Fishing today with long time fishing companion Chip Lawrence. We talked about this today, its been 20 years when we first wet a line together. Chip has his own boat now , and we fish together when we can. We enjoy the conversation I Guess. So  we leave the dock around 7:00am looking for some bigger fish today. Top water plugs were on the menu. The tide was dropping, and we were covering the water quickly looking for fish.. Chip put on a clinic early taking a handful across the rail.  We covered a few areas with a few fish more. Soon we encountered birds diving. The  fish were 2 miles out and we managed one 5 pound blue fish. Another school in the other direction. I believe we missed the best part of the action.  The East wind took over and we  only took one more striper this day. I will be out again on Monday look for my report Until then tight lines


Low tide 7:03 am

Wind WNW 10-15

Fishing again with Jim Cassidy back for more stripers on the fly rod. Jim likes the 8 weight set up and can cast a fly both Left and  right handed. He would use these skills today. The morning bite was slow and the wind was increasing as the tide started to flood in. Jim had only  a few fish and I threw up  a hail Mail. I fished an area in tight to structure, and let the wind and  the current take me out. Jim boated a dozen fish in the last hour of the day. With the best fish  of the day on the last cast.  Finished off with a nice 28 inch striper, taking a fly in 6Ft of water. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

June 16,2018

Clear skies light wind

High tide 10:45

 Family fishing day today. My niece  Elena and her dad Manny looking for some fun and food for the table. I don't usually do this kind of fishing but I was sure I could put some meat in the cooler. Manny love to fish and eat Scup, We started off around 6:30 and  I dropped on the mother load, Both were hooked up within 10 Min. Manny taking a 14" Scup and Elena with her first fish ever. A 22" Fluke. They could have taken the limit but we only took a dozen big Scup and one fluke. many Fluke and Scup were released today. It was fun day the best part Manny will clean the fish. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

June 15,2018

cloudy and overcast.

ENE 5-10

High tide 10:00

Today fishing with Joe Pryor form CT. and friend Todd who is  RI native. Doing some fly and light tackle fishing. The bite was a little slow to start the day. I was concerned the condition's would not improve. We turned over several nice fish early but they were not aggressive enough. The tide had already started to turn when we found some fish hold. We worked them the rest of the trip. We still had to work for them, fish were holding very tight. Todd took 10-12 on a fly rod and Joe was high hook today. Both men missed quality fish today. Things are heating up. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

June 12,2018

New Moon

High tide 9;00 AM


Fish today with Bill and Ray long time members of RISAA . This was my donation to the club, leaving the dock at 6:00am. The skies were clear . As usual the way the season was going it was cold. The fishing is off  a little for my game right now. I look for fish along rocky shore line. Right now I am catching fish in a lot  of places but not a lot of fish in one place. we did see many more fish today. Things will get better. Bill and Ray landed more than a dozen, all on top water plugs. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

June 10,2018

High tide 5:25 am

North 5-10

Leaving the dock this morning at 5:00am, with David and Phil, friends from MA.. Today we had  a prefect tide ,I hoped for big things. Fishing was slow to start the day. It did improve a little to save a bad day. We saw fish we missed a few, Phil lost the best fish of the day when he connected in shallow water. The fight was quick the fish took cover around a rock to end the game. Phil did everything right it happens. Dave also had a few nicer fish blow up on the big top water plug ,couldn't get them tight.They caught fish on top water plugs and soft bait. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

June 9,2018

Low tide 10:00 am

light winds

5:30 am

John and Chris with his son Matt back again this morning . Today I was hoping with a good tide and light winds we would have a great day. Toady fortunately we caught them early we put several dozen stripers in the boat early. Thank you, we struggled the remainder of the day. We did pick up another dozen but it was a slow pick. Again seeing no bait and taking school stripes biggest around 24 in. I will be out agin soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

June 8 2018

Tide high @ 4:00 pm

Start time 2:00pm.

SW 15

 Four friend's from Ma for a little recreation, I fished with Sack and friend Thayer. Both are excellent fly casters

and it is a good thing the wind had increase to 15 gusting and the tide was dropping. These guys worked very hard with only three to show for it under very tough  conditions. I will be out again soon look  for my report Until then tight lines.

low tide 10:00 am

South  10/15

 June 8

low tide 8:17 am

South  10/15


This morning fishing with Chris Ernster and long time friend John visiting for MN. Matt rounded off the crew. we will be fishing both Friday and Saturday and  looking for  striped bass .  leaving the dock from the Bristol area  around 5:30 AM  I headed out and started work  my way north we found a few fish here and there but we really never connected with a good  number fish one area  slow pick for the morning left us looking for that one big score. We finally connected in an area that was holding some fish  .The three men some good numbers in the last hour of the day. All three men had double-digit fish today. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

June 7,2018

low tide 8:16


 Fishing with Jim Cassidy today. Jim is an avid fly fisherman. We have been fishing together for many years now. First trip of the year for Jim and we started out pretty good. Jim hooked up early and I released a typical school striper, about 18-22 inch. The tide was dropping fast and the wind increased as the tide turned. Jim  made a lot of cast today and took about 10 fish all on fly. We didn't see any bait or bigger fish today. We will be back at it again Jim and I in 10 days. I will be again soon look  for my report Until Then tight lines.


June 6,2018

Low tide 7:15

NNW 5/10  51 degrees

As I launched the boat this morning it  didn't feel like a June day. The temperature   was downaround 52* and the sky was dark. Today I am scouting for my fly fishing trips ahead. I found fish most every place I looked today. I did see quite  a few nice fish but nothing over 24 inch today. I  caught most on light tackle , I tried to cover a lot of water in a short time. The weather will clear out tomorrow and should help improve the fishing. I  will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines


May 31,2018

High tide 10:03 am

SE wind heavy fog

Full Moon

 Leaving the dock in heavy fog, Barney and Dana were ready for a day of fishing. The fog slowed us down to a crawl for the first 2 hours. The bite was very slow to start the day. We were in prime time and  prime water. I expected to see more fish. I had to stick to the plan. We continued to move around with only a hand full of small fish. No sign of life the birds were not around. I headed North to find some action. We found some feeding fish and had our way with school stripers. They like the top water bait today. We work the area for a while. I Suggested to leave to find something bigger.(Never leave fish to find fish) I say that all the time. We left and , I found an area in shallow water it looked lifeless. Not long Barney was fighting a real good fish. Pulled the hook, Dana connected with a 33 inch fish weight 12 lbs. We hooked 7 fish in an hour landed 5 all were over 30 inch. we released all to fight again. Today I got lucky, (Never leave fish to find fish ) I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

May 29,2018

High Tide 8:41 am

 Full moon

Today fishing with my good friend Gil. We left the dock early enough to catch the rest of incoming tide. This would be a short trip, just a quick splash. We caught fish most places we fished today. We never found bait and only took a few fish in many places. We caught fish on plastic, top water plugs and fly's. I managed to landed a 39 inch striper weighing just under 20lb. and another fish weighing 10lb and measuring 32 inch. The bigger fish are moving around looking for food. I will be out again soon look for my report .Until then tight lines

May 25,2018

Small Craft warning Predicted

High tide 5:21 am

 My scheduled full day charter today with Jim and his son is going to be rescheduled. The weather report would leave a small window of time suitable for fly fishing. We will do a full day later in the season. I woke in time to talk with Jim ad discuss weather. The wind was calm early and would stay that way for a few hours. I just had to go fishing. I launched the boat looking to catch a few on the fly. I landed only 9 stripers today all on fly, nothing big today. The weather man was right the wind increased . It was a short trip heading back to the dock at 10:00 am.  I will be out again soon look for my report/Until then tight lines

May 24,2018

Low tide 9:45 am

Wind SSW 5-10 increasing

 Today I have John and Lee both from RI and looking to familiarize them selves with Narragansett  Bay. Due to family commitment  they could not make it until 8:30. I think  should be no issue, incoming tide looks good. I decided to arrive early and see if I could put some bait in the live well. I launched at 6:30 and found loads of activity. Blue fish up to 6-8 lbs feeding on small silver sides.   I landed a few blues on both fly and spin tackle. I  also caught several small school size stripers . The bite had slowed and I was about ready to head back to pick up my sports. A few good swirls and a cast with a top water bait and I was tight to a decent fish. Soon I landed a 15 lb striper, thinking this would be a great day. John and Lee were at the dock and we were off. Back to the spot with a few signs of life. John land a 6 lb blue fish on fly and then hooked into a much better fish. This was not a bluefish. A good strong run and the fish was coming to the surface it was a nice fish. Then just like that it was over, the fly comes back  to swim again. We continued on or way but the best of the day was behind us. We caught a hand full of small bass, and did see some nice fish today. Lock Jaw is the best description. That's fishing, I will  be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

 May 23,2018

Leaving the dock at 6:30 with heavy cloud cover. The tide was still heading out. Today Jim and his father In law joined me for a day on the Bay. Jim has fished with me many times and both men are good fisherman. Jim got us started early with a average size school striper. The action was slow until the tide turned, we had only a hand full of fish at the slack tide.  As the tide started to flood in the fish started to feed a little more, but they were picky. John got his first on top water plug, just at 28 inch.  a quick picture and a release. We finished off the morning working point s and drop off's. Both men had around 10 fish today. It was fun and both men were happy to spend the day on the water . I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.

May 20,2018

 Dave Waggoner, and his Son Jay  with grand son Will fished today. We were scheduled for Friday and pushed to Sunday in hope for better weather. report of a good push of fish had us looking  for some activity. This was a short trip due the weather and schedule. Fishing was tough, yesterday's activity was gone, right place wrong time. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

May 17 2018


Fishing this week was hit or miss. Heavy rain on Thursday . My sports Farooq and son in-law Jason put in three solid hours in a down pour. Fishing was slow motoring around was painful. we had a good tome in spit of the weather.  I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

May 14,2018

High tide 7:00am

With and early morning high tide I was hoping to find some fish entering the Bay. I t took some looking to find the action today. I contacted another Captain and headed his way. The bite was very spread out I  missed most of the action. But I managed to hook up with a dozen striper's, no big fish today. The bigger fish should be on the way. I will be out again soon look fro my report Until then tight lines


May 10,2018

low tide 10:00am

Wind WNW increasing to 15-20

 I fished with a good Friend today, Chip has  fished with me  quite often years ago. He was launching his boat  first time this season, and asked me to join him . An extra pair of hands are always a good thing. We fished a much different area of Narragansett Bay, that I have been fishing .I was looking forward to see what the other side of the Bay had to offer.We found fish within 1 mile of the ramp area.  The fish were feeding under birds on small bait. We were on a good bite early. The fish were all cookie cutter 18-21 inch. We found fish in several different area as the tide continued to drop out of the Bay. We did not connect with any bigger fish today, and we were around loads of fish most of the morning. Bigger fish will be moving in soon, as the water continues to warm up. I will be out again soon, look for my report. Until then tight lines

May 9,2018

Low tide 9:17

light SE wind, heavy fog

Today heading out around 6:15 , in a blanket of heavy fog. There were not a lot of boats on the water yet mostly because the visibility was so low. I moved slowly to the area I found fish yesterday. Every day is different, no signs of life this morning. I noticed a few fish moving ahead of me, big bait  adult menhaden. I made a few cast with a light tackle outfit, on my second cast I connected with a better fish. Healthy fish  28 inch,  quick picture and returned to fight again. That was the last sign of  life I saw until the tide turned. I found a few fish after a call from another Captain. Put a hand full of stripers up to 24 inch on the fly rod. When I left the fish were still feed on the surface but it was slowing down. Back at the dock for 11:00.

 I will be out again soon ,look for my report. Until then tight lines



Low tide 8:30am Heavy fog

Wind East South East. light

Leaving the dock around 7:00 am to catch the last 2hours  of the dropping tide. Greeted with heavy fog the going was slow, using precious time the tide was falling quickly. I searched the areas I believe will hold a few fish. Not much happening this morning. I could hear the Terns working in the distance. The fog was still  thick with less than 100 ft visibility. I found the birds and a few fish but the tide was almost slack. We managed with a slow pick of 20-24 inch fish. The area was thick with large bait but nothing on them. I managed 6 fish on the fly and as many using light tackle and Gil took over a dozen on plastics and top water. The good thing about the fog, we were all alone on fish . We found them today could have been a  different story.

 I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

May 2,2018

Today with the report of a warmer day into the 70 and 80 degree range. Perfect day to launch the boat and look for the early arrivals. The tide was rising and a full moon things look good. As I searched the  shallow areas first with little success. Hoping the rising flood tide would bring in the first real push of stripers into Narragansett Bay.. I did manage to find and land 4 school striper ,the best was  about 22". The fish were most likely hold over from last year. The water I still under 50 degree but will start to climb quickly. The action will be improving very soon. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines..

April 17, 2018

the season will be starting soon, I will uncover the boat this week and prep for fishing 2018.

 The osprey have arrived and the herring have moved into the rivers, The stripers will be following the bait and will be here soon. The water temp is still just around 45 degrees , it could be another week or two, I will be looking  for fish this week and will update my report.  I will be out again soon look for my  report >Until then tight lines



Monday October 23,2017

South 5-10

Heavy fog

Newport high tide 9:30

   Fishing today with Eric Bright and his father Bob. Back again for Bob birthday. Last season they fished for false albacore and had a great day. I hope to repeat the day. As I  left the boat ramp it was evident that the heavy fog would slow down our search. I motored along the shoreline out to of the Newport many reefs stopping along the way ,hitting my favorite spots. The fog made for slow going, void of bait birds and fish. We hit every rock and point not even a striper. We we did see in the distance to quick flurry false albacore sighting, well well out of reach. We spent time that area  casting try to pick one up, of no love today. Eric spent the day with his doing what he loves to do fishing. I will be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines

  Sunday October 22,2017

Wind light

High tide 8:30

 Fishing alone for a quick look in Narragansett bay. Give me a chance to cast my Helios 3D 8 weight. Today I will fish along rocky shorelines in Narragansett Bay. Fishing was a little slow, setting the boat make a few cast and move along the shore. I picked up a handful stripers most were 22-24 inches in the first hour and a half .Stripers are still around, I found most fishing structure . One common thing these spots had, all fish were caught on structure close deep water. Looks like plenty of bait in the bay, back up the ramp in time for breakfast. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

October 19,2017

Wind SW10/15 increasing

 New moon  high tide 7:00am

Newport leaving the dock at sunrise is getting later every day. Fishing with Barney Keezell and friend Dana Wilson. Both have fish with me many years ago. They fish a lot in the Boston area catching school stripers. Today they decided to try to go for false albacore. Catching fish early would be ideal. The conditions would change early. Both men did their job boating 4 albies within the first hour. By that time the seas had built to three or 4 feet. With the interval was very close. We went option B option B is seldom as good as option A but today it turned out to be a homerun. Barney and Dana had doubles on a few occasion  We connected with 13 today successfully releasing 8. By 9:00 the conditions were very sloppy and we just made long drifts through an area where the fish randomly showing. Both Barney and Dana had a great day hope to see them again soon. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

October 18,2017

Wind NNW 5-10

 Narragansett Bay

7:30am the temperature was below 50° this morning. We launched the boat from Oakland Beach Warwick RI. The tide was high as we headed out looking for stripers along the Bay. The abundance of bait the past few weeks in Narragansett Bay, has brought large stripers and false albacore into the Bay. Gill Valentine will be doing the fishing on the front of the boat. As we start off it was a slow bite. As the tide dropped out. We picked up fish in several different spots, but nothing really solid .There is large bait everywhere in the Bay totally unmolested. On the way back to the ramp I decided to try one more spot and we double the catch of the day. Gil put 20 fish in the boat today most between 20 and 25 inches no big fish no false albacore. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

October 16,2017

Fishing report

fishing report

it's been a while since I posted my last report. Some technical difficulties, a mechanical issue with the boat hydraulic steering. Left me stranded for a short time. The procurement of the parts took longer than the repair. I'm back in the water again. With the abundance of small bait, false albacore are still plentiful along Newport and South County. With the dropping water temperatures , and the abundance of bait the  false albacore could hang around a while longer. Striped bass are feeding most everywhere,. Peanut bunker are  plentiful flushing out Narragansett Bay. It appears that the fishing will continue to be good for several weeks now with striped bass feeding daily. It is a great time for fly light tackle anglers. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines.



Friday October 6,2017

Wind WSW   5-10

Full Moon

Kurt Ransohoff meeting me at the dock at 6:30 am for a second day. The weather is in our favor today. If we find the fish feeding like yesterday it should be great. But as I know every day is different. We poked around Newport reefs early hoping to put a few stripers in the boat early. The full moon had the tide ripping and made presenting the fly difficult. We headed out  looking for signs of life. It was 7:30 when Kurt connected with the first false albacore of the day. We were fishing amongst some heavy structure looking for a bite. We had no visual signs of life. We found a few more pods of fish as the tide dropped out. The bite was tough with only 2 albies today. We headed back to the ramp area, stopping to try for a few stripers. Kurt managed to land a handful of school stripers to finish the day. I will be out again soon . Look for my report Until the tight lines


Thursday October 5,2017

Wind SSW 10-15 increasing

High tide  7:45

Full Moon

Kurt Ransohoff a return client in town for 2 days of fishing. Last year Kurt was greeted by extreme winds and this year he has the same situation. As we left the dock the wind was up to 15 already and would increased as the day progressed. Upon leaving Newport harbor I checked some areas that would be protected and had life in the last few days, but not today . I found no signs of life. We would have to brave the elements. The ocean swell was not that bad and we headed out to open water. After a considerable run along the coast. We find birds working and albies splashing.  Today getting the boat into position ,close enough to cast into a 15-20 mile wind , would be the challenge. Kurt using a 10 weight was able to connect with 3 albies today. We had a nice feed for about an hour which made our day. Kurt and I will be out again tomorrow. Look for my report Until then tight lines.


Wednesday October 4,2017

WSW 10-15

High Tide 7:00 am

Today fishing with Jim Cassidy From N.H. Jim has been fishing with me for 6-7 years. And after fishing with him I know what works for him. He is in his 70 and would rather not bounce around, today we had to leave some fishing to be more comfortable. We work area's that were more protected and he would be in the comfort zone. We had slow pick of stripers with a 7 lb bluefish lost at the leader. We did see a few albies along the away but small pods up and gone again. Jim had more than a hand full of stripers and it was goodbye  until next season. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

wind North, Northeast shifting to Southeast 5 to 10

hi tide 6:20 AM

Picked up a last-minute trip with Peter and his friend Susan. Spending a day Newport, to check out the scenery and hopefully catch a few striped bass. and possibly false albacore. Leaving the dock at 6:30 on the clear skies and light wind on the East Northeast. Peter would be fly fishing in Susan's using light tackle. Susan soon connected early with her for striped bass. As we moved on, birds in the distance, and the albies were  on the surface. Peter and Sue connected with albies and stripers. Sue had her first of each. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Monday October 2,2017

Wind North 10-15

As we left the dock at 630 this morning the outside air temperature was just under 50°. With the North wind at our back. You could sense the season is about change. As we left Fort Adams heading towards prime structure along the way. My friend Gil Valentine would be doing the scouting, as we looking for stripers and false albacore. We hit several major structure along the way and Gil boated a dozen stripers all around 20 inches. We decided to move along looking for false albacore. We found plenty of areas that had signs with a few splashes, but nothing solid. A friend gave  me a call that some activity located around Newport, and Fort Adams. Heading back into the area. When I arrived there was no sign of life. I searched North for the bridge a long Jamestown borderline but could not connect with those fast moving hard tails. Heading back into the harbor the fish were feeding right inside morning fields  with sailboats. They were finicky, it was a joy to watch, but unfortunately we have no love today. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines

Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Wind North 5 to 10.

Today I fished with Carlo Bademer and Phil Steriti. Carlo is working on a project in the Boston area. He came from Italy to catch Fake Tuna. With high winds and small craft advisories that we've had the last several days. I decided to play it safe and lunch the boat in Narragansett Bay where I've been chasing stripers and false albacore for the past week. My plan was to was  catch a few stripers and work my way to  Newport. with the weather this past week. I myself fished the Bay several days catching 20 to 30 stripers each outing and several albie sightings in the bay . One thing I realized having a language barrier can be a big problem. But not when fishing is concerned Carlo spoke very little English I handed him a Rod pointed in the direction and he was off. Every time I change rods and baits. He knew exactly what to do with it. Both Carlo and Phil caught double-digit stripers today. Each also landed the first false albacore, Carlo would say Fake tuna. I enjoyed the day and I'm sure They did also. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

Wednesday the 27 until Saturday the 30

wind light  Seas were 6-10 feet and diminishing slowly.

The last several days with the storm surge off the coast of Rhode Island. Maria left us with dirty water and heavy seas has forced me to fish into Narragansett Bay. I didn't post this report earlier for multiple reasons. I say this the fishing was as good as I expected school  stripers everywhere I looked. And  more than enough false albacore sightings in the Bay feeding on peanut bunker to satisfy my needs. I headed out to Newport, locations looking at the water conditions daily.  as I approached the end of the week. The conditions became more tolerable. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

 Tuesday September 26,2017

Wind NNE 5-10

Heavy fog

Today fishing with David Szablewski, a fly fisherman from Pennsylvania. Dave has heard about the elusive false albacore. He is hoping to take his first on fly. In RI for the week and fishing from shore mostly. Today we left Point Judith in heavy fog. The seas were angry with a 7-10 ocean swell, not good for a fly fisherman with very little boating experience. The water was very dirty with high sand content. I covered a lot of water today looking for signs of life. We found bait but void of any fish. We did manage to take a few bluefish. Dave was the victim of the storm Maria miles off the coast line. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.


September 24,2017

Wind ENE 10

Sunday morning would be the first opportunity I get out to check the conditions Jose passed through the area. Patrick Horan a return customer and his friend Chris along with Patrick's dad Richard would try for false albacore. It was very slow the first couple hours of the morning as there was bait, but not many fish with them. As the tide continued to flow in the water clarity diminished. There were small pods of albies popping up occasionally. With a flotilla of boats waiting patiently, it was a sit and wait ,kind of day. Patrick and Chris both excellent fly casters had only a few shots today and come up empty. It was one of those days where you had to be on fish that were eating. Water conditions will change and the fishing will improve. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines.

 September 17,2017

Hurricane Jose off RI coastline

With the storm 200 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, small craft advisories have been posted Seas today  3 to 5 feet expected to grow 10 to 15 feet by Thursday. Heavy rain likely with tropical storm advisories in the area. Fly fishing light tackle fisherman will be off the water for possibly to the weekend and maybe beyond. Depending on the course of the storm. Fortunately all my clients are local except for a few who are more than happy to reschedule later in the month. It's not nice to fool mother nature.Safety first  I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines


Saturday September 16,2017

Heavy fog

Today fishing with Jim Coley and his wife Debbie. They spent yesterday in Newport at the Orvis school , an introductory to fly fishing for false albacore .Held at the Saltwater Edge Newport. The students covered all the aspects of fly fishing for false albacore. Today, they will be paired up with a local guide, hoping to catch the first albie on fly. Jim and Debbie met me at the dock at 6:30 AM. We motored out of the boat ramp area under very foggy conditions. Which would restrict our ability to see the fish. False albacore fishing can be a very visual thing. Especially for the fly fisherman, with some what limited range, that a cast can cover. Jim and Debbie did a wonderful job they both catching and releasing the first false albacore on fly. Twice today both Jim and Debbie hooked up at the same time. Both maneuvered around the deck like they have done this before. High five s and quick release put us back at again. Jim connected to  five today. he landed only three loosing 2 while in lengthy battles. Debbie came tight 4 times landing them all. I'm sure Jim and Debbie will put together everything they learned when fishing on their own. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

 September 15,2017

Wind WSW 5-10

 Heavy Fog

 Kevin Stevens and his friend Alex Gauthier, fished with me for stripers on several occasions. Kevin and Alex have never boated False albacore. Today we left the dock under foggy conditions. The visual aspect of the fishing today was non existent. It was a slow start we had  a few fish around the boat early but the excitement got the best of my sports. Alex connected first and  broke the fish off, it happens. one mistake with the speed of these fish and game over. It was the last time that would happen today. Alex and Kevin put several fish each in the boat. It was slow we never got into them and boating 5 albies on fly I think they did a good job. Several stripers were taken also. I am sure they will be back again soon. I will be out tomorrow Look for my report Until then tight lines

September 14, 2017.

When West 5 to 10.

Heavy fog.

Fish today with Pete Kurtzer, fly casting instructor for Orvis. And head of the endorsed guide operations. Pete is in town for an albie school being held at the Salt Water Edge in Newport. With the day off. We decided to hit the water and see if we could connect on a few false albacore. I met Peter the dock at 6:30 AM and were on the water with heavy fog. Fog restricted  our range this morning, but that worked out to our advantage. I picked a spot where out of the traffic , the problem with fishing in the fog . It takes the visual aspect out of the game. Unable to see the fish breaking the surface left us with casting blindly. It wasn't long before Pete came tight to the first false albacore today. It was difficult today the fish were very selective and refusing to eat at times. Pete connected with seven false albacore today, and more than a handful of stripers. I would call a very difficult day for fly fishing. The light tackle fishermen in our area were connecting pretty regularly. Covering a lot of water and making long cast. It was great fun fishing with Peter today. Saturday I will be taking out a few of the students from the Orvis school. Looking forward to the opportunity to bring new fly fisherman to the sport. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

September 13, 2017.

Winds West, Southwest 5-10

Today fishing with Bill Koury and long time friend Michael Amicangioli .Bill and Mike drove down from New Hampshire and spent the night in Rhode Island, in preparation for early morning charter. We met the dock at 630 with clear skies and light winds. Both men will be fly fishing for false albacore for the first time. The conditions were perfect but the bite was slowed. Today Mike picked up a few stripers to keep us in the game. It was a few hours before we found some albies. They were up-and-down quick, but they seem to be enough of them to hold my interest. Both men broke fish off, unable to clear the line on these fast-moving fish. The fish were finicky and quite a few boats in the area. Both men landed numerous fish today, both stripers and false albacore. I had a good time with them and I'm sure they enjoyed the day immensely. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Tuesday September 12,2017

Wind NNW5-10

Low tide.

Fishing today with Jim Cassidy, longtime client an avid fly fisherman. Today we are looking for false albacore. The boat was in the water when Jim  arrived at 6:30 and soon were heading out open water. Within 10 min. Jim had a line water and shortly thereafter Jim was tight to his first albie of the day. It was a great day for fly fishing, light winds fairly calm seas and happy fish. We had a steady pick for the first few hours and the albie bite slowed. School stripers kept Jim busy for a while landing a handful up to 26 inch. Jim finished with double digit albie's today. He will be back again  next week and hopefully for more hard tails. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Saturday, September 9, 2017.

Wind North, Northeast 5 to 10 miles an hour

hi tide. 10:15 AM

Today fishing with Steve O'Brien and his son, Sean. They made the drive down from northern Massachusetts to Newport. Hopefully fish for stripers and false albacore. Both spend a good amount of time fishing around Boston and Cape. But the success rate needs some improvement, hopefully we can work on that today. Leaving Newport 6:30 AM. Both men were using light tackle today. As we got started the seas were little sloppy early in the morning and I hope the seas would be  laying down. Fishing was little slow there was a lot of Weed in the water and the seas were still at  4 feet. We moved along the oceanfront Rocky structure was impossible to fish seas were angry today. Birds were diving on what appeared to be bait with very few fish feeding on top. They were holding in deeper water today. Sean connected with a few nice stripers just under the legal size but was very slow day. Hopefully Sean and Steve picked up a few new techniques, but the long and short of it is you have to be on fish to catch fish. Some days it's a little more difficult than others there were no false albacore for us today. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines




Friday September 8,2017

Wind west North West 10-15

Full moon.

Bruce Sheply an avid fly fisherman, in Jamestown and looking to catch some fish. We have fished together before but it has been several years . We headed out and the ocean swell was still up at 4 ft range. You could see the white water smashing on the reefs, from a mile away. I decide to find a little protection form the wind and swell. Bruce would be fly fishing and I needed to find some fish. Bruce did a great job and landed every fish willing to eat. Many time's I had to maneuver the boat while Bruce fighting a fish. We got our half day of fishing in and a dozen stripers were released to fight again. It was nice fishing with and client from the past . I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

Tuesday September 5and 6

Weather and the storm surge  made conditions a little rough fishing along the ocean state. When fishing with 7 year boy and his dad , safety was my first concern. We decided to call the outing . Hopefully we can try again, later in the month.

Labor day weekend

September 2,2017  48 degrees

Low tide 10:00 am

Wind NNE 7 / shifting to the East

Saturday morning with Luke Tomanelli and Spencer Pederson. Both would be fly fishing today for stripers and other spices. Blue fish are abundant but the bonito and albies have not been plentiful. The morning was cold and the skies were clear, but the storm is coming. We started off the morning in a quite area. I could get both Luke and Spencer accustomed to the type fishing would be doing. Spencer is a trout guy, Luke has done some steelhead and Musky fishing. Going over the basics of the strip strike, rod position casting full sinking lines today. This is all new to Spencer. While going over the basics Luke put first fish in the boat. We decided to move along looking fish the birds working everywhere, with a few scattered splashes. That was the story of the day today birds everywhere few splashes here and there but not a lot of activity below. As I was moving along at about 30 feet of water watching my electronics. I noticed loads of activity below the boat. Fishing deep sinking lines. Luke and Spencer made long casts. Give a few seconds a stripped-down and begin to connect with school size stripers. There were no big fish or bonito and albies. But my sports were on stripers for more than 2 hours. Double hooks up were common today. The bite slowed and fishing got tougher for the rest of the day. Luke landed over 24 stripers and his first blue fish, and Spencer had around a dozen. It was a good day, Hummingbird made my day. I will be out again soon look for my report Until  then tight lines


August 29,2017

Low tide 6:02 am

Wind ENE 10 increasing

Fishing with Jim Cassidy today, long time client. Leaving Fort Adams Newport about 6:10 AM. After watching the weather, it was my opinion that we might  get a few hours in before the conditions changed. I was hoping for early morning bite, and we were not disappointed. Working our way along some protected waters. Peanut bunker were jumping out of the water. Hundreds of striped bass sloshing along the surface in less than a foot of water feeding on three-quarter inch peanut bunker. Jim made several cast with no hook up which I couldn't believe. Change the fly and  Jim was connecting regularly. The fish are moving quickly from one area to another. We move slowly, waiting for them to settle in. Jim came tight to very nice fish, fighting several obstacles lobster pots and old piling. Keeping this fish tight and away from trouble Jim did a great job. Soon I landed a beautiful 34 range 15 pound striper. Jim and I always have a great time together. He will be back a few more times, hoping for albies. I will I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.


August 28,2017

 low Tide 5:06 am

North wind 5-10

 Fishing today with Dave Henault owner operator of ocean state tackle. We met at 5 AM and traveled together to the boat ramp in Newport. We discussed the plans for the day whether we would go about looking for stripers and bluefish and hopefully find some bonito all whether we should just go right out to target those little speedsters. I personally like to catch a few fish before I go on the hunt. I hate to pass up the obvious. Dave connected on more than half a dozen stripers soon as we started in the morning. We decided to move along the coastline. We went 20 miles to the east and found large schools of bluefish in a lot of places. Dave landed probably a dozen stripers and 15 bluefish. Unfortunately we do not see any bonito. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

August 27,2017

 Light winds.

 Stripers continue to feed along Newport, big bluefish can be found in the mix. The weekend presented my sports with loads of action , for most of the morning. We covered most of the coastline ,with pods of breaking fish picking up bass and blues. the blues were in the 6-8 lb range and the stripers were the typical 22 inch school stripers. Feeding on small bait. Non stop action was the order of  the day. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

August 25,2017

WNW 5-10

Leaving the dock at 6:00 am  with Gil Valentine. Striper bass and bluefish are every where. The plan is to search fro some fast moving bonito. Gil found school stripers as we searched for feeding  bonito along the coastline. More than a dozen  bass and more blues than can count on both  fly and light tackle. we saw no  pods of bonito today. It important to be in the right place at the right time. I I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.


August 24,2017

light wind NNW

New Moon/High tide 10:15 am

 Back with Brian Dick for day number 2. It wont be very hard to get a better day than yesterday. Mother nature would be kind today. We launched the boat at 6:00am and had a beautiful sun rise. Brian started early with a school striper on his first cast. That can go either way very good day or really slow with high expectations. Today Brain slammed them . Starting of with a slow pick of stripers, found mostly on structure. After landing 10 stripers we were looking for faster moving fish> Bonito would be nice. We found bluefish lots of blues around 6-8 lbs. Top water plugs ,swim baits, epoxy jigs, they ate good today. We did find a small group of bonito, but no luck today. It was great fishing with Brain it always is fun. I will be out again soon ,look for my report. Until then tight lines.


August 23, 2017.

Wind southwest 10 to 15. Increasing to 25

Hi tight, 8:35 AM

Brian Dick fishing with me for a couple days. With small craft advisories posted. Today I had a few decisions to make, I like to error on the side of caution. I decided today to put the boat from Wickford Harbor. This would give me a few options in case the seas were angry. I picked up Brian at his hotel at 5:30 AM. After discussing our plans for the day. We headed out, as I rounded Jamestown heading to Newport ,seemed to be very calm protected from the strong South West wind.. The seas were  sloppy today with birds working at times over bait ,without fish feeding on them. We slowly made our way across the oceanfront East with little sign's of life.  It was 10:00 am and we were skunked. I decided that I  had to put option 2 into play, motoring into some protected water. Fishing some heavy structure with beautiful  white water. The next hour saved the trip. Brian boated more than a dozen striped bass. Today when we found one we found more. Hopping for better day tomorrow with Brian. I will be out again. Of again soon look my report tight lines. Until then tight lines

August 21,2017

NNW 5-10

New moon

Today was a captain day fishing along with Good friend. Capt. Ray Stachelek. Leaving from Newport 6 AM, hoping for some stripers on the fly possibly bonito in the area. Soon after we stopped on the first piece of structure. Capt. Ray came tight to a school striper . After landing several stripers we moved out  to a group of working birds. We found ourselves area with schools of large bluefish 8 to 10 pounds. At the end of the day Ray landed approximately 7 or eight stripers six or seven bluefish . It was a great day fishing, I add a few on the deck myself. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


August 17,2017

This is a weekly update.

Hurricane Gert , headed out to sea this week. Coming close enough to the Rhode Island coastline to make things interesting. With a storm off shore the Rhode Island water's are impacted with high surf and at time large ocean swell day before and a few days after. During this time the water can be dirty as the grass and weed's are ripped from the ocean floor by the heavy current. This can slow down the fishing. The Ocean front is loaded with small bait and the fishing is back on track. With stripers and bluefish feeding from Newport into Narragansett Bay. Small anchovies along with the peanut bunker that is flushing out of the bay. Have all the signs of a very good bonito and false albacore season ahead. The bonito have been crashing bait along the ocean front pryor to the storm surge. As the water clears up thing s will improve. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines



August 11,2017

High tide 11:00 am

light wind early fog.

Today fishing with Gil Valentine, a local resident and longtime friend. Leaving Newport this morning at 6 AM in hopes for some striped bass and possibly some bonito. Bonito have been around the area, crashing the small bait. The fog was thick when we left the dock. We pulled up on our first piece of structure and there were bass splashing around the area. I have seen this many times this past couple weeks, and as usual these fish were finicky. We had fish around us for the first hour or so while the fog was trying to clear.  Gil had only  few fish to show for it. As the fog lifted we moved along the coastline picking up a striper here and there fish was  slow. Then signs of life. Small bait everywhere. For a short time we had a school fast-moving fish could've been bonito , but there have been mackerel in the area. The signs were right but the bite never picked up. We fish the entire incoming tide and partly outgoing, Gil had less than a dozen fish to show for. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines


August 10, 2017.

Hi tide 9:14 AM

early morning fog.

Today fishing with Dave Henault, Owner of Ocean State tackle. And Todd Corayer , writer of local fishing reports.    thefishwrapwriter.com   Hope to get a few shot's at some bonito that have been around the ocean front.

Leaving Fort Adams this morning at 6 AM with a slight haze in the sky. The sun was clear over the horizon. As we turn the corner heading for open water the fog moved in quickly. We fished the first piece of structure we came to and worked and the area, we landed about six school stripers. Today was nothing like yesterday there was no signs of bait no birds working. Dave and Todd picked out a few fish here and there. Today the final tally of about 12 fish today. Everyday is different. That's why its called fishing. I will be out again soon look for my reports. Until then tight lines




High tide 8:15am

Full moon

Anthony Jerruis and his dad  Anthony Sr. fishing with me again. They  fish with me at least once a year and we always seem to connect with some good fishing. Today was no different, just minutes from the boat ramp. Both men were catching school stripers. Most measuring between 16 and 24 inches, and with a few bluefish around for 5 pounds. We had nonstop action for the first two half hours of the trip. They honestly caught between 40 to 50 stripers in the first few hours fishing close to the structure in the whitewater. As the tide turned down the we moved further down the coastline and found lots of surface action with finicky stripers. Moving on, we found schools of mackerel feeding ferociously on the surface eating small bait. The mackerel were approximately 12 to 15 inches in length and moving fast. All the signs are indicating the action is ready to break open any day now. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


August 7, 2017.

Full moon high tide 715

 fishing  today with my son Damon and his wife Chantal. Today is Chantal's birthday. We are celebrating by spending the day on the water, fishing for stripers along Newport. We were on the water early greeted by a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately the weather deteriorated from there. It was rather dark most of the morning with light wind from the South. We found schools of fish along the oceanfront with bluefish weighing up to 8  pounds and striped bass in good numbers .I will say the striped bass were very selective today. They landed several stripers  that were just under legal size. Both Damon and Chantal landed loads of fish today. Chantal had the biggest and the most, it is her birthday. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines



Wind light

Tide high 5:13 am

With report of the first  Bonito caught, it has put all local anglers including, John Hagan on alert.
John and I agreed to meet at Fort Adams at 5:45 and hunt for funny fish. 
Leaving Newport with clear skies and light winds heading East along Rhode Island coastline searching for the fast moving green Bonito. 
John greeted me this morning with 2 rods  a fly rod ready to go with the appropriate small fly. A spin rod rod with a Hogy SI epoxy. 
This morning along along the coastline we found several pods of fish crashing the surface. Stopping to pick up a striper's along the way throughout the morning. 
We found several pods of fish working tight to shore in and along rocky coastline. Small bait with stripers and bluefish 5/6 pounds but unfortunately today we did not see any signs of Bonito. 
At the end of the morning John landed about a dozen striper's the best around 26 inch and one blue fish. Any day now I would expect it to bust open.
I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines




Aug 2,2017

low tide 10:00 am

Wind light WSW

  I picked up Arthur Douville and his granddaughter Kelscy around 6am on  Jamestown . Today Kelcey would be fly fishing from a boat on saltwater for the first time. She would try an 8 weight rod with a floating line. In a short time she was starting to feel more relaxed. The fishing was slow, early and she opted to go to light tackle. Arthur had put 2 striper's in the boat she wanted to catch her first striper. And that she did, the fishing was very tough today. We had more than our share of fish around the boat. And the cast both Arthur and Kelcey were making should have been rewarded. But the fish were keyed in on very small bait. They work hard today each landed 6 fish. Most importantly it was a bonding moment for a grandfather and his granddaughter. 
 I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines


August 1,2017

Low tide 8:00 am

wind calm

 Mike Bobay  and his son Lucas, avid trout fisherman. With a 3 weight and now understand the difference to an 8 wt. Add the boat movement and loads of fish at the boat. At times it wasn't pretty but both men caught many more than a dozen striper's. Most were around 20 inch but they are clean and healthy. This is a very good sign of things to come. After the first 2 hours the bite was still on. We never left the fish. The bait was small and the fish were very selective. It is starting to look like it could break open any day. Bonito and false albacore will join the party soon. I will be out again soon Look for my report Until then tight lines


July 27,2017

Wind Shifting to South East 5-10

Low tide 5:00am

Marino Bartolomei and his brother Joe visiting the Ocean State. They grew up and spent there youth and college years in R.I. Fishing along Newport  shore from any rock they could get to. Believe it or not today they fished Newport form a boat  for the first time. We started off early and the fishing was a little slow to get going. But the fishing improved as the tide flooded in. Marino and Joe were very competitive, it was a slug out . Marino didn't catch the first or the biggest, but he scored on the total numbers. Joe would reach within 2 or 3 and Marino just put a few more in the boat. When he went to the fly rod, Joe had a chance but Marino still held his own. They finished up with 52 or 53, oh they kept score. I had a great time fishing with the brothers. We could hook up again some time. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines



July 26, 2017

Wind   N.NE.  5-10

Low tide 3:30 am

 John Hagan local fly fisherman. John tries to get a few days out before the funny fish show up. Looking for Bonito and false albacore is his favorite, but stripers on the fly is a good thing. Today the fishing started out very slow. Only 2 fish in the boat and 7:00 am arrived. Sings of life started with fish splashing occasionally as the tide filled in. School striper's were now right where we wanted them. The morning tide was filling quickly. and plenty of stripers wanted to play. As I was motoring to another location, I noticed a few large swirls as the boat moved along. I had to investigate. The mother load of Bluefish in the 8lb range took up residence around my boat. John caught big blues on fly and top water baits. Most of the striper's were caught in the white water today. I will be out again soon Look for my report Until then tight lines


Friday, July 21, 2017.

Low tide 5 AM

Wind West Northwest 5-10

 Fishing with Dave Henault owner operator of the Ocean State tackle, Providence. Dave and I get together several times a year fishing for striper's, bonito, false albacore which is one of Dave's favorite. Dave arrived at my house right on time at 4 AM and we headed down the road to Newport. Fishing has been very good along the oceanfront. With the abundance of  school striper's from 15 to 26 inches. Fly and light tackle anglers are connecting with double-digit fish  most outings. Today was little different, there were birds working little further offshore with signs of quality fish. After putting several fish in the boat fishing along the reef, we decided to see if we could get onto the scattered fish. The action was up and down quickly, but the evidence of some very large fish. After a few screaming runs, both Dave and I were cut off ,from what appeared to be a very large bluefish. We work the area for short a while. And I connected with a quality bass on a top water plug. The tide started to develop the fish become more scattered. Dave and I decided to move along and fish structure, having good success all week. Over night the wind shifted to the West Northwest. The temperature has dropped a cold front is upon us. It definitely made a difference in fishing today. We worked very hard today for the fish that we put in the boat, I would say somewhere between 15 and 20 fish most from 20 to 25 inches with one fish, just about legal size. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines



July 20,2017

Wind light and variable.

Low tide 10 AM

Today fishing with Joe Caiazzo and childhood friend Adam Blanchard. Joe and Adam spent their younger day's together in the state of Maine. Adam went to college in RI and now resides here in Newport. They get together yearly fish together occasionally but this the first time fishing Newport. Leaving Newport harbor at 5:30 AM again with foggy conditions. The fog lifted the first hour of the fishing trip. We started picking up the fish immediately. Joe connecting on the first striper's shortly after starting. Adam relatively new to fishing caught on very quickly and soon he was putting fish over the rail also. Both men continue to catch fish at a rapid pace. I will say Adam had the best fish of the day, But to my disappointment the leader parted before get my hand on the fish. I stopped counting at 50 fish the both men had well over that. Joe and Adam had about equal amounts of fish each. They caught fish on top water baits , plastic baits worked also. We fished the entire outgoing tide. And back at the ramp around 10:30 am. It was a fun day to be a guide, Both Joe and Adam enjoyed the fishing and seeing Newport coastline. I will be out soon look for my report. Until then tight lines


July 19, 2017.

When Southwest 5 to 10 increasing to 15 to 20

low tide 9 AM/heavy fog

-- Fishing again today with Brian Dick. Brian and I hoping for another performance like yesterday. The day starting out almost exactly the same with Newport harbor engulfed in heavy fog. It was 5:15 AM and we were the only ones at the dock. By the time we cleared the harbor visibility was increased to about a quarter-mile. I decided to shoot across to Jamestown. With the tide just starting to go out, Jamestown's Rocky shoreline offers great protection for small bait fish. Brian connect with 4 school striper's quickly. As the fog started to lift enough for me to run across to the Newport reefs. Everyday is different as today, was in most ways. Yesterday we had fish all around the boat, most of the day. Although they didn't want to eat all the time. Today with absolute no sign of life Brian managed to squeeze a couple dozen fish along the rocky shoreline. The wind increased and were back the dock. By 11 AM. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines



Tuesday morning, July 18, 2017.

Wind West Southwest 5-10

low tide 8 AM southwest 5 to 10/ HEAVY FOG.

Today fishing with a longtime client Brian Dick. We have become friends over the last 7 years. Brian fish's with me several times a year. At least two days each trip, staying in a hotel enjoying his fishing in Newport .Leaving Fort Adams at 5:15 AM, with heavy fog surrounding the area. The fog was very thick and restricted our progress. Safety is always a factor with low visibility. I motor over to an area where I hoped we could catch some fish while fog lifted. Brian was catching fish quickly. He would put double-digit fish in the first hour. Visibility increased to one half-mile and I decided to move on out to the Newport reefs. We fished over 1000 fish today. They were everywhere just fining on the top .It became very difficult to catch with so many fish around the boat. I had to look else where. We fished structure and picked up fish most places. Brian landed 35 to 40 fish but it was one of those days we should've had  many more. We threw everything but the sink. It was  just difficult today. Brian I will be out again tomorrow. Hopefully for another wonderful day. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


Monday, July 17, 2017.

Low tide, 8 AM

Wind South Southwest 5-10

It was an open day before my charters this week. I invited a good friend Gil Valentine to join me in a day of scouting. Looking for striped bass along Newport's Rocky shoreline. The truck was loaded and we left for Newport at 4 AM, arriving at Fort Adams around 5 AM. Greeted by a beautiful sunrise over Newport harbor. It was one of those days , the fog was a little sick so I decided not to run too far before we started the fish. Second cast Gil hooked up to a healthy school striper around 22 inches. We landed another one before we moved on to another spot. Upon arriving in a new location another fish came to the boat.  In the first 15 minutes. This is the way it went most of the day around 35 Stripers,were caught and released today. Including a 12lb bluefish in nice 30 inch bass. It was a good day artificial baits seem to work today. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines.



Sunday morning July 16, 2017.

Low tide 5:56 AM wind calm.

My clients today David and Debbie Conroy with their son Tyler. Arriving  at Fort Adams at 5:20 am as I throttled up to first fishing spot  before 5:30. The tide was dead low ,and hadn't start moving .Fishing was slow for the first hour s. I searched several spots with prime structure, there was no signs of life. I move along the coastline, fishing Rocky structure . Finally the tide is starting to come in and before seven o'clock we picked up a few fish. We fished only a few places today without catching stripers. Most times if we picked up one we would pick up several more David was putting on a clinic a son Tyler was starting to carry his own. But soon  he felt a little off due to the  sea condition. We shifted to a half day charter and headed back to the ramp area. together David and Tyler landed well over 40  school striper's today. Debbie enjoyed taking pictures and viewing Newport from a different angle. I very much enjoyed today. I will be out again soon Until then tight lines.



 Wednesday July12,2017

wind WSW5-10

Low tide 4:45 am

Today Jeremy Edge and Todd Paquett ,fishing Newport  for striper's . Todd grew up  here when he was in school. So he is familiar with R.I.  waters. Jeremy is new to striper's fishing. He is an avid fly fisherman spending his day's guiding In N.C. He had a good day with more than a dozen striper's, and 2 tautog in heavy structure.  Todd also had double digit striper's mostly on plastic baits. The sky was dark when we left Fort Adams at 5:30. The sun was trying to peak out. But the fog was moving in quickly we moved along the rocky areas in the heavy fog. Jeremy and Todd caught striper's in most areas fishing the white water. As the tide turned the bite slowed a bit . But quickly we were back in the game with top water bait's. At the last stop of the day, Todd hook the best fish of the day. The drag was singing ,In heavy structure it can be a short lived battle some times. But this fish wanted off the line. Todd did all he could and did make some progress moving the fish closer. But it was over just  a moment later. As this fish just kept digging for the bottom., and the leader parted. You never know what size the fish was. one can only guess. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then thigh Lines



July 10, 2017.

Wind South, Southwest 5-10 increasing to 10- 20.

Full moon High tide 8:45 am.

Matt Thompson from the state of Texas visiting Rhode Island for the first time. Hoping for his first striper and bluefish. Leaving Fort Adams on a clear morning with the wind still a gently breeze .It's been a while since Matt fish with the fly Rod ,with full sink line. I decided to stop, not far from the boat ramp , hoping to get a few cast under his belt. It wasn't long before Matt put out 60 to 70 feet line. After a few minutes of casting Matt, came tight to his first school striper fish measuring 23 inches. The tide was coming in fast and the wind had started to increase making a little more difficult to fish some of the structure with fly Rod. We decided to head east, and found bluefish feeding an area but not showing. We donated a few flies at first because of some stripers in the mix. Soon Matt had boated several bluefish weighing around 4-5 lbs.. We completely lost the bite after the tide stopped. Matt also landed a fat  20 inch  tautog, fly casting over some deep water structure. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


Newport quick trip

 Terry and Joe had a change of plans at the last minute, we decide to launch the boat from a location closer to the Providence hotel. Meeting  in North Kingstown and back at the dock in time for the 12:00 business meeting.

 We headed out around 5:15 and fished structure along the way jumping from spot to spot tossing big top water plugs and swim baits. Looking for aggressive fish, or hopefully lots of them. Heading along Jamestown and toward Newport. Terry  picked up a a few early but we never found more than one in any location. We moved quickly, form one area to another. Each men landed  5 school size striper's and we dropped the best fish along the side of the boat.  We were  back at the dock before 10:00 They enjoyed the fishing and beautiful weather. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.



Wednesday July5,2017

High tide 4:10 am

 NNW 5-10  cold front

Fishing today with David Hallgren and his son Brett. They have been waiting for this day for several weeks. Clear skies light wind, it was a good looking day as we left the dock.
 The tide was high and we would be working the out going tide this morning. As we moved along the shore line the water was still and a gently swell formed around the hidden reef. This is my prime areas to fish, today working the water with both top water  plugs and plastics. As the water started to move out I hoped the fishing would improve. Finally found just a few birds that had that look. Soon the signs were subtle splashes, but there was life. David connected and then Brett catching his first striper. The fish were spread out and very selective. We worked hard for a hand full of fish. We found no bait today and less fish than previous days. David and Brett enjoyed the day.
 I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines


Wednesday, June 28

 WNW 10-20

 Low tide 4:30 am

Leaving the dock around 5:15 looking for signs of life. the wind was light from the West but expected to increase early. We were around fish but they were selective. Gil connected with about a dozen fish with all being school striper's. The population of the striper's  looks good for the future. More school size fish than I have seen in many years. There are bigger fish in the mix. Sand eels are abundant along Newport coastline. The weather forecast for the holiday weekend calls for small craft warning's ,and larger than normal ocean swell.. With the additional of boating activity, I will be staying on the home front . I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.


Monday June 26,2017

High tide 10: 15   New Moon

Wind WNW10-15

 Fishing today with John Ober and his son Nick. They  fished with me last season and are back again for another day fishing Narragansett Bay. John and Nick are avid fisherman, mostly fresh water . Today we would be using light tackle and top water baits and other artificial lures. We left the dock around 5:15am and the tide was filling in. The New moon is in the last day with a strong tide the action was a steady pick until the tide changed. We connected on fish within the first few cast and Nick landed the best fish of the day just shy of a legal fish. John was the high hook with more than dozen and Nick added almost the same amount. It was fun fishing with them . And we are planning a fall outing  for possible false albacore. I will be out again soon Look for my report. Until then tight lines.

 Sunday June 25,2017

WNW 5-10

tide 8:27am

 Adam Hooper and Kris Jones in town for business meeting this week . visiting Newport for the first, and will take a day to fly fish along the ocean front. The weather man had other ideas. we leave the dock around 5:15 TO FIND A 3-5 ft swell outside, the conditions were to much for the newcomers to saltwater fishing. After getting bounced around I looked for calmer water, not much chance of that today. I decided to head into Narragansett Bay. Decisions are the hardest thing to make as a fishing guide. We make the 12 mile run North and work the many point of structure. We found fish almost immediately. Both men landed more than a hand full of striper's and a few bluefish. Kris also boated a 20 in Fluke while working a plastic bait into heavy structure. They real are very aggressive. Both men enjoyed the day. Adam was high hook on the fly rod with6-7 striper's.

  I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines



June 21,2017


High tide 4:45 am

Tom Poirier and Steve Ruhnke, members of the local fishing club that we belong to. Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers today I donator the charter to the club in lieu of my dues and advertising. Tom and Steve were selected to spend half-day fishing with me. Leaving the dock at 5:15am to fish. Narragansett Bay using light tackle. Both Tom and Steve are avid fisherman and today maybe I can introduce them to a few new techniques. We start the morning off quickly catching several small stripers our first stop. We move from location to location throughout the Bay picking up a few most places .  Today we fished top water plugs and small plastic baits. We fish the entire outgoing tide. We were at slack tide, when Tom connected with a sizable bass. After lengthy fight came to the side of the boat weighing 13 pounds, even at 31 inches long.  The fish was held for a quick picture and released. It was good fun meeting new members from the club and having a nice day on the water. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


June 19,2017

 Small Crafty advisory

 My sport today Todd Brokowe and his 13 year old son, visiting for Colorado. When arriving at the boat ramp the conditions were less than favorable. The boy doesn't do well with sloppy seas conditions. After several minutes and going over the options. We agreed it would be best to call the outing. I would rather error on the side of caution, there is always another day. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

Friday, June 14, 2017.

Low tide, 6:30am

 SSE, 15 / 20

Michael Lynch and his two boys Charlie and Chris fly fishing and light tackle fishing. Michael has done a lot of fishing in Rhode Island and now lives out of state has a chance to come back into town. Mother nature didn't do us any favors this morning. The wind was already over 15 kt and heading out of the Southeast. There were whitecaps as we entered Narragansett Bay. We left and headed for one of the nearby islands to find cover from the wind. We drifted along the shoreline  Michael picked one striped bass that was quickly released at the boat. And then while casting for striped bass Charlie hooked into the fish, It turned out to be a fluke. A rather good one at that 19 inches. A couple quick pictures and quickly released to fight again. It was early morning, the wind was really blowing. I decided to duck into one of the nearby small bay to find protection from the wind and hopes it would lay down a little. When arriving, we found a few splashes here and there and eventually hooked up with about four or five bluefish with the biggest being 6 LB Chris was the high hook for the day today and the youngest person on the boat. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines




Wednesday, June 14, 2017.

 Low tide 4 AM

wind from the North East 10 miles now.

Today I'm fishing with Marcel Derosier and his boys Henri and younger brother Max.  They are from Minnesota and visiting family in RI. The fishing has been excellent the last several days but today cold  front came in and change the conditions completely. We fished all the usual spots and had difficulty connecting with good numbers of fish. Marcel  was fly fishing the two boys were using light tackle. Most of usual places that I have been finding fish and good numbers only holding a few today. Marcel and the boys enjoyed the day on the water. Each landing 4 striper's with max taking the biggest of the day. I will be out again Look for my report Until then tight lines


Wednesday afternoon June 14, 2017

1 PM tide outgoing, wind increasing

My afternoon charter with Chris Linaugh and a friend Bruce. With with the increasing wind and both men fly fishing. I knew we might be in for a rough outing. The fishing was definitely off today  Chris and Bruce both excellent fly fisherman did the best we could. Each landed 2 stripers today and losing a bluefish at the boat. Wind never let up all day matter-of-fact increased 15-20 before the evening set in. We called the outing around 5:00pm with the tide at its lowest and most areas we void of life.

I will be out again soon Look for my report Until Then tight lines



Tuesday June 13 ,2017

Wind 5-10 increasing 10-20

Low tide 4:33


I reach out to Tom to try to finalize our plans for today striper inform me his that his back is acting up and is unable to fish today. On late notice left me no choice but to stay home or fish alone. It was to nice of day to stay home. I decided to launch the boat, leaving the dock at 6 AM. I have places along the way that I have to fish. I just can't go by, we all have those spots. Today they were void of life, the incoming tide just started to move. As I moved along the Bay finding a few fish, but no groups of feeding fish. I spent the morning catching fish,with  a 6-wt. fly Rod a small plastic baits, landing fish 20 is 24 inches. I decided to-run South to Newport , the tide was high and I found no signs of life just could be bad timing, but the water temp was below 60 deg. Heading back into the Bay, I found some signs of life with fish feeding on the surface. Landing several bluefish to 6 pounds, with bass 22 to 24 inches. Things should start heat up soon water temperature has risen to 62° in Narragansett Bay. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines




June 12,2017

 Low tide 4:00 am

Wind light


I reach out to Tom to try to finalize our plans for today striper inform me his that his back is acting up and is unable to fish today. On late notice left me no choice but to stay home or fish alone. It was to nice of day to stay home. I decided to launch the boat, leaving the dock at 6 AM. I have places along the way that I have to fish. I just can't go by, we all have those spots. Today they were void of life, the incoming tide just started to move. As I moved along the Bay finding a few fish, but no groups of feeding fish. I spent the morning catching fish,with  a 6-wt. fly Rod a small plastic baits, landing fish 20 is 24 inches. I decided to-run South to Newport , the tide was high and I found no signs of life just could be bad timing, but the water temp was below 60 deg. Heading back into the Bay, I found some signs of life with fish feeding on the surface. Landing several bluefish to 6 pounds, with bass 22 to 24 inches. Things should start heat up soon water temperature has risen to 62° in Narragansett Bay. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines



Sunday June 10,2017

low tide 2:45   Full Moon

Wind SW 5-10

South West wind incoming tide sounds perfect. Today I  launched the boat at 5:30 and was looking for fish within minutes for the ramp. Every day is different and today started off slow. Today I would be looking for striped bass along rocky shoreline throwing flies and light tackle top water baits. I downsize my tackle to 10 lb tests because the fish have been running a little small. We have a good population school stripers 15-25"and the Bay with bigger fish in the mix. Today was slower than the last several days 20 to 25 fish came to the side of the boat but no bigger fish. It was last day of  the full moon, the tide was running pretty hard things should settle down ,in the next day water temperatures still moderate at 58° . I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Friday, May 9, 2017.

Full moon when from the Northeast 10 to 15 miles an hour

Today fishing with Jim Reardon and his friend Adam Neale. Today light tackle fishing in Narragansett Bay. Jim has fished with me before,  he and Adam were looking to catch a few striped bass. Leaving the dock at 5:30 heading into Narragansett Bay. The sun was just coming up over the horizon , and the wind had not started yet. Fishing  started off very slow, there a lot of school size striper's in the Bay and I was certain that we would connect with more than our share. The abundance of striper's between 15 and 22 inches makes excellent fly and light tackle fishing. I downsize to 10 pound test with fast tip action rods. The action can be fast and furious. Well today was just as I hoped for. We connected with between 40 and 50 fish. Both Jim and Adam caught fish on both top water  plugs and small plastics. Most fish were around 20 a few 22-24 inch.  As we made our last stop of the day  landing more than a handful striper's . Jim made a cast and the water erupted, Jim did great job landing this fish with 10 pound test. Keeping the fish away from near by structure. Weighing  just under 15 pounds, it was released to fight again. Bigger fish are starting to move in and small fish very plentiful. Great time for fly fishing light tackle anglers. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


 June 8, 2017.

 Full Moon

 Tide high 8:00am

Today fishing with Gil Valentine, Gil has  with me many occasions and I can always count on him to help find fish. Today was no different, 30 school stripers came to the side of the boat today. Most caught with plastic baits but several fell for top water plugs.  There were no working birds or small schools of bait fish. For that matter the was no sign of life whatsoever. We did it the old-fashioned way,  we worked for them. Moving from rock pile to rock pile ,along the rocky shoreline. Finding one fish maybe  a few here. Nothing over 25 inches but all nice, clean, healthy fish. This speaks volumes for the future of our fishery. This is one of the best populations of school stripers I've seen in 15 years. Fly fishing and light tackle heaven. Some bigger fish will start to move out of the river and into the Bay as the water temperature warms. Water temperature Narragansett Bay today was 56°. Things only get better from here, as the weather improves, I will be out again soon. Look for my report, until then tight lines




Friday June 2,2017

 Shawn and his son Shawnak drove from  Andover Mass. Meeting  at the boat ramp for 5:30 am. Shawn has fished with me for false Albacore today he introduce his 7 year old son to Saltwater fishing from a boat. Shawn would fly fish and his son using spin gear. The fishing was better today with Shawn landing around 14 school stripers on the fly rod. Shawnak did very good for a young boy. Although he couldn't connect he had several fish chasing and slapping at his  top water plug, but they were not very aggressive today. He definitely enjoys fishing. We found most fish on the early outgoing tide and the bite softened after the turn. I Will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

Thursday June 1,2017

 John Hagan and Chip Lawrence from the Newport, Tiverton area. Fishing today for some fly and light tackle action. With the construction on the Newport Bridge. We agreed to meet in Bristol RI. The tide was low and we would be fishing the incoming tide. The heavy rain yesterday seemed to put the fish down. The water was turbid from all the rain. we worked all the areas of the mid bay, and produced only a hand full of school stripers. The weather will improve as we approach the start of the summer season. The water temperature is ideal in the mid 50s. Large bait , Menhaden stacked up in the Providence and Seekonk River. very large fish can be found feeding on 12 inch bait. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

Wednesday May31,2017

 leaving the dock as the tide was just turning . The incoming tide made for a good opportunity to scout for the up coming charters.

 within an hour after leaving the dock, heavy rain with thunder and sever lightning. sent me back to the boat launch. This has been the wettest cold May in many years. heading back to the ramp after just starting was a major disappointment. I tried to wait out the storm but after 2 hours ,tomorrow would be another day. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines


Saturday May 27,2017

On the Rocks Charters 2017 season is officially started.

After several week's  of scouting and a few rescheduled charters, due to unsettled weather. My sports today ,Patrick Horan from N.Y. and his friend Jeff spent yesterday fly fishing Narragansett Bay. We found plenty of school stripers , 20 to 24 fish were landed. Patrick landed most with a 3-4' Clouser . We were rejected by several larger fish as the were in sight of the boat.. Most fish landed today were between 15-23 "

We have a healthy population of small stripers. This is very promising for the future of the fishery.

I have a few open days this week . And my June is filling in, now is the time to book , its prime time.  I will be out aging soon Look for my reports Until then tight lines


Friday May 26,2017

Rain rain go away. Well its near the end of may and the Memorial day weekend id upon us. I can say its been a slow start for On the Rocks Charters. Cold and rainy this past week allowed me to spend some days on the water but it sure feels like April. I have spent my time looking for fish and I must say if I found one I usually found several. I have not chased the large menhaden around the bay. Most days  scouting areas with fly and light tackle. School stripers are plentiful. And several schools of Bluefish are chasing silver sides around Warwick and lower bay. My charter season starts this weekend and my June dates are filling in quickly. Still have some prime dates open. The fishing will only get better as the weather clears out.  I will be out again soon Look for my reports. Until then tight lines

May 22,2017

Fishing over the last 10 days has been improving one day and then weather changes. Very inconsistent temps a couple days of 50-60 weather and a few 80-90 then dropping yet again. we will be in the heat summer soon. Small bluefish eating silversides, along the East Greenwich shoreline. Stripers have spread out and larger fish have taken up in the Providence River. My last several outing's I found school stripers. catching them on flies and small plastic baits. I will be out again soon. Look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

May 10,2017

Despite the unsettled whether the fishing has improved greatly in the past few days. A good push stripers of all sizes have entered Narragansett Bay. Stripers up to 15 pounds can be found in good numbers along the Bay Rocky shorelines. This is a great opportunity for fly fishing light tackle anglers to catch  stripers from both shore or fishing from a boat. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines


The fishing season is underway, school stripers can be found throughout Rhode Island. Most of the rivers, stripers up to 24 inches can be found. The big fish have yet to arrive but you can bet they are on their way. Adult menhaden have been spotted throughout the  Narragansett  Bay stripers will be soon feeding. Look for my reports, until then tight lines.


April 19, 2017

A new season is upon us, the ospreys have arrived and are building their nests. The herring entering that the rivers and so it begins. Squid have started to flood in and the repots are improving .Small stripers have started to move out of the Rivers in are showing themselves long Rhode island coastline. Small school stripers can be found in several places along Rhode Island's shoreline. I believe these are resident fish moving out of the estuaries and Rivers and search for food. With the afternoon high tide this week, and the warming Sun.  Soon will have arrival of migrating fish. I will post my reports as the fishing improved. Until then look my reports tight lines.



November 3, 2016

 Rhode Island fishing report


It has been a while since my last report. Extreme weather with small craft warnings most day has restricted my fishing . I canceled several charter's over the last 2 weeks due to strong winds and rough seas conditions. This week the winds laid down some and the conditions have become more favorable. Fishing has been solid with loads of schools stripers feeding along Newport shore line. Fly and light tackle landing loads of small stripers in a few hours, the bite seems to be solid  early  morning and slows as the the sun gets higher in the sky.

 Peter Nilsen fly fishing this week landed 25-30 stripers , they are small but very aggressive. Bigger fish can be found but the small guys get to the fly first. The weather looks good for the coming week with plenty of small bait around and the water temp still around 60 I expect to see a push of bigger fish soon.

 I will be out again soon Look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

October 20,2016


Low tide 6:00 am

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday the seas were 3-5ft and today with change of wind the conditions were good to start the day. Today Kevin sevens and Alex Gaither both men fished with me last year. Kevin fished with me for several years this is Alex 2nd time fly fishing. The seas finally laid down and the fishing was hot, as we motored out of Newport, I could see signs of life. Both men would be fly fishing .And with minutes  Alex had his first striper of the day. Kevin joined the action  immediately, the first double of the day, but by no means was it the last. Alex and Kevin kept me busy for 2 hours with constant double stripers. Alex could not believe the amount of fish around the boat. The action was so fast,  I would release one fish and by the time I handle the second . another one was on the line.  I really didn't count the fish ,but I guess they boated over 50 stripers between them. All fish were school size with a several between 25-28 inch. We were 2 hours into the trip and the action was slowing down. We were the only boat in the area, which made for some quick action. Finally we moved off to look for more feeds along the coast. The wind started to swing to the east and the action just slowed to a halt. We found the Pre storm bite, and they capitalized on the moment. Both men had a great day , and I am sure they will remember this one during the long cold winter ahead.

 I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

Wednesday October 19,2016

 SSW15-20 Small craft warning

  John Fietkiewicz , lives and fishes in NJ. John does a lot of fishing and visit RI yearly. Today I changed the location of the departure at the last minute, The winds and swell would make fishing Newport  rather sloppy. We have an incoming tide and our location offered some protection from the wind, gusting from the SSW. We had slow morning with a only a few fish looking at the offering. Moving along as the wind settled down , we spotted some fast moving fish. After a few lure changes John connected with a false albacore. This fish run quickly into a lobster pot line, at this point it is likely to be lost. John did a great job, directing  me as to the location of the fish so I could maneuver around to clear the line. success the fish was again in open water and we landed a fat albie. John fishiness the day off catching striper. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

   Sunday October 16,2016

SSW10-15 Full moon

High tide 8:30am

  Ron Bohem and long time friend Andy DiPaolo in town on business. After a good outing in September decided to return for some fishing. The weather forecast for small craft advisory, posted for noon today. The conditions  when we left the dock told me different. I would be lucky to get a 4 hour trip in. The seas were building already at 3-4 ft and the interval was short between wave's. Mother nature took away all the prime areas I like to fish around Newport. Fortunately I was in the right spot at the right time. A school of feeding stripers close to the boat allowing both men to land a few fish. later we encountered a school of bluefish and doubled up on them. The weather pushed us off the water early. with several stripers and blues in the boat today. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines



NNW10  Full moon

high 7:27am

  Peter Durkin and his wife  Cecelia visiting RI from NY on their anniversary. we fished today in the Point Judith area. The seas were still showing signs of the off shore storms. The swell around the light were substantial. With a 4-5 ft swell safety was my first concern. Peter is a avid fly fisherman. We did find some fast moving fish at the top of the tide, but it was a brief encounter. Moving along the coast line hoping to find some action or any sign of life. The conditions were not favorable, heavy sand content in the water told me to look else where. I needed to let the tide begin to drop before the conditions would improve. Dropping vertical jigs to locate some sea bass for an hour might help.. Peter connected with some nice seas bass. The tide was dropping quickly and the swell did lessen, slightly. Peter managed to connect with a hand full of stripers in the last hour of the trip. The largest one was around 28" all the others were slightly smaller. The conditions were tough and Peter did a great job. It was my pleasure to fish with Peter and Cecelia . I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lies

October 12,2016


high tide5:00 am

 Fishing today with John Hagan, avid fly fisherman and addicted to false albacore. Leaving the dock today with a great tide out going all morning, I have high expectations. We find load of bird activity , high flying every where. No signs of fish in the area. we waited for things to develop, before moving along the coast looking for fish. It was a very slow day, with only a few small pods of fish . They were up and down quickly. John was fly fishing which can make it more difficult to connect under conditions like this. sorry to say john could not hook up today , we left with a skunk. It has been a long time but it does happen. I didn't see any other boats hook up. It was very slow. Look like targeting false albacore is over for another year. They might be a few around but time to get back to striper action. I  will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

October 11,2016


High tide 3:45 am

Today Jack Josephs from Mass. is  fishing with me again. Hoping for another shot for a false albacore. Fishing has been very slow last several days. I am seeing a lot of fish but they are being very selective and up and down quickly. Jack is a very good fly caster and he has many experiences fish with me. Jack does most of his fishing on Martha's Vineyard. And he come's to fish with me when the albies arrive. Jack has always had good success in RI for False albacore. Today was no different. He did manage to land another this morning. he also took a small striper. The bite changed and we went hitless the rest of the day. Jack will be back again, and I will e out again soon Look for my report Until Then Tight lines.


 October 8, 2016

Wind NE 5-10 shifting to SE

Incoming tide

October 7,2016

Saturday morning, Its 6:30 am. and Ron Roman and his son RJ are spending a day doing what they love to do together. Ron and RJ enjoyed many days fishing together in many places. There's nothing like the father-son bonding. RJ is an excellent excellent fly fisherman looking for albie on the fly today. We started out working an area that's been showing fish the past two days , it was little slow to get started. Eric another guide reached out to me to tell me he has good signs of false albacore.   The area we were in was showing some fish but it was difficult to get them to eat. Fishing has been difficult past several days today appears not much different. We motor little further out to find some feeding fish circled by more than 20 boats all trying to catch the fast moving albies. We had a few shots but with no hook up. I moved along the coast, trying different things to find fish working the  structure looking for birds. It seems like the area was lifeless. I decided to move the opposite direction 15 to 20 miles away, hoping to find some feeding fish. I pulled into an area that has  some bird activity showing things look pretty good.  No other boats in the aera, allowing me more approach.  Fast-moving albies ,motoring close enough for RJ to reach out with the cast. Using spinning rod allowed him to reach the fish and he was immediately tight to his first false albacore. We finished off the day with RJ fly fishing in a heavily structured area. Catching a few stripers and bluefish. RJ finished up with the Rhode Island Slam today, Ron managed to bring a small bluefish to the side of the boat but I could tell he was getting all his pleasure watching his son catch fish. I'll be out again soon ,look for my report. Until then tight lines

 Wind NW 5-10

Incoming tide.

  Shirish Nadkarni a long time fly fisher and looking for his first albie on the fly rod. Shirish fishes the Ma.  area from his kayak. He is fishing with his friend Dave Henault, owner of Ocean State Tackle. we found some birds working  not far along the coastline. Shirish made a great cast to a few feeding fish and hooked up on nice school striper. Shortly after  more fish showed and another nice presentation and Shirish was hooked to a much better fish. It was his first albie, landed after a good fight on the 8 wt, rod. I was thinking this will be a better day. But not to be we encounter more albies , but like days before. They were not interested. We didn't have much action rest of day. Dave only landed one striper, It was very tough today. I will be out aging soon look for my report Until the Tight Lines

October 6,2016

Wind NW 5-10

 Today Bruce Winchell and Alex MaClead from near by CT. We left the dock around sunrise  hoping to find some false albacore. The action was very slow today. We found some bluefish early and both men hooked up on several and landing a few. We did sacrifice a few files. The albie we encountered, did not like or presentation or what we were throwing. We were unable to get the albies to eat today. Every day is different, both men had good opportunities to land ablie just didn't happen . I will be out again soon Look for my report Until then Thigh lines

October 4, 2016

Wind NNE15-20

Incoming tide

  John Hagan back again for more fast action with the false albacore. The weather man is never spot on and today was not much different. The wind was not supposed to blow like this today. But it is fishing. We found plenty of fast moving and small pods of albies. John had countless opportunities but loads of rejection. We change fly and threw my favorite jigs and metal. John finally connected with and albie on a spin rod. We moved on looking for more agreeable fish. Finding large schools of stripers, feeding on small bait. All the stripers we landed were the exact cookie cutter 27-28 inch. large school of striper's are feeding along the coastline. I will be out again soon Look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

October 3, 2106

Wind NNW 10  New moon.

Wind has been up for many days, and today and laid down for the first time in several days. Left the dock before sunrise. It wasn't long before I found signs of life. There were false albacore happily feeding along the surface all along the shoreline. There were not that easy to catch , and Gill finally broke the code. Today Gill Valentine, who has fish with me many times. The saying goes never leave fish to find fish, but they were tough to catch. Moving down the coast, finding a substantial , feed of large striped bass. Gill had his way with them. Casting to all keeper size bass on more than one occasion. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


wind NW10

Ron Boehm and a Andy DiPaolo , are in town on a business meeting, today was fishing. Ron and Andy fished with me many years ago when they were in town .Ron likes the fly rod and Andy is light tackle. We start the morning off at 6:15 AM with Andy catching a few small bass.  The False albacore that were feeding heavily this time yesterday morning have not arrived to the party. Every day is different. We searched around for a few hours with several shots Ron could not connect on the fly Rod. They were picky today Andy connected with a few in the first couple hours of the day. As the tide continued to drop. I decided to move into a different direction finding some nice feeding albie. We managed to hook up quickly. the rest of the day was more of the same sporadic feeding and picking up one here and there. I hope. Ron and Andy enjoyed the day. Hopefully back again soon. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

September 25,2016

Wind NNW20

Robert Edwards in Tim O'Brien from Massachusetts fishing with me today. We met at the boat ramp. It was 6 AM. When they stepped on the boat and we motor out towards the center walls Point Judith, Harbor. There was a brisk North wind of 20 miles an hour looking us right in the eye. I set up a drift to have  protection from the wind. With the wall in front of us the fish start to break surface close to the wall. as I put the boat the position and Robert made a perfect presentation. He was immediately tight to a fast moving, false albacore. After a short battle and a couple dances around the deck of the boat Robert landed a beautiful albacore, his first on a fly rod. Shortly after repositioning the boat Tim responded with fish of his own. As the line was peeling off the real, drag screaming. I did see the look on Tim's face big smile. As they say get them quick. You never know when it's gone . We presented flies to many fish today most of them refuse to eat.  I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines



September 24,2016

Wind NNE 15-20  cold front

Today I'm fishing with, Peter Jenkins of the salt water edge and Ben Freeman of Trident fly fishing. Leaving from point Judith, Rhode Island where I have been fishing for the and most of the week. The action is been pretty good and with the early morning bite of mix between bass and false albacore. Today's cold front change the entire game plan. There was no early morning bite like the past few days. The seas were little sloppy in the drift was rather quick fishing was very difficult today. We found calmer water inside the harbor refuge Peter hooked up with a nice False albacore. The skunk was out of the boat. Unfortunately, both been in Peter are excellent casters and did have a few more opportunities the fish were just fussy. We had a flies ,several times in the a mix few people catching today. It was a pleasure fishing with them. They deserve better day. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines


September 23,2016

 Wind : West 7

Today fishing with Eric Bright and his father Bob. Eric wanted to spend a day with his father hoping to catch striped bass. Leaving from Point Judith we found a solid bite almost immediately. Eric hooked up on a albie that had his reel screaming. Eric's dad had done a lot of fishing in places I think about ,and has caught most big game fish around. But this was a new experience for Bob, casting small object to fast moving fish. The conditions were perfect and the action was good for the first couple hours. Both men landed several albie today, Eric caught 5 and his dad landed 3 . It was a fun day , they enjoyed together. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then tight Lines.


September 22, 2016.

Wind from the Northwest 5

 low tide 6:33

This morning leaving the dock at point Judith with Tom McLaughlin and Robert Pierce. Both Tom and Robert have a lot of fishing experience, both are new to the saltwater fly-fishing. They wanted to try to get a striper on a fly and maybe false albacore. As we motored out of the harbor we see life a few miles ahead. As I move the boat position  the fish were splashing around the boat. Both men have a challenging task ahead of them handling totally different rods  than accustomed to. Robert was the first to hook up with the striped bass on fly Rod and Tom shortly thereafter followed suit landing his own. Switching over to spin tackle. After several hours to albies came to the side of the boat. Today they were less fish than yesterday and it was little more difficult to get them to eat  every day is different. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

 September 21,2016

 West  6

 Today jack Joseph long time fishing friend, Jack first started fly fishing with me in the beginning of my chartering days. As Jack would say I got him hooked. And I did it again today. Point Judith  boat ramp at sunrise. As we headed out we found calm conditions. The fish were just starting to feed. Loads of bass up to 30 inch after many stripers we headed to look for albies.  Jack and all fly fisherman love albies. Today jack and I had loads of shots at the fast moving fish. They were up and down quickly and in small groups. Today was tough  for the fly fishing. Jack did land both stripers and albie today.  it was a good day and, he always enjoys fishing RI>

 I Will be out again soon Look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

 We left the  Tuesday  September 20,2016

Low tide 5:00 wind light

light rain.

 David Tuberfield, traveling form Ct, we will meet in the middle. The forecast was for 60% chance of rain and the dark sky told me it could happen any time. Leaving the  boat ramp from Stonington, Connecticut. heading toward Watch Hill, continue east down the coastline. We found little  activity, the birds, no  bait. After communicating with another captain. We continued moving along the coastline we  found a location that look like there might be some activity. David ready with  fly Rod as I  motor up to some splashing fish. Making a good presentation , he was tight to a fast moving albie. This fish took a good amount light off the real as the drag is screaming. After retrieving most line , it suddenly went slack the fish, the fish was gone. We continue to have many shots but with no love. David did land a 32/33 inch  striper, it was a nice fish in a good way to end the day. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

 Monday 19,2016

Wind SSW 10

 heavy fog, rain.

Today, Rick Horton and his friend Doug met me at the ramp right on time 6:00am . With the report of thunderstorms, I was concerned to get the trip in. leaving the dock with overcast skies and heavy fog, slowed me down as I moved along the coastline. We stopped were my spots within sight of shoreline interceded on for striped bass. Doug was light tackle fishing in Rick was fishing with fly Rod. Rick is new to fly fishing only got a few times and still needs to do a little practice. Doug landed over a dozen  fish today mostly school size stripers holding tight to structure. Rick did land a striper miss a few others it rain on us pretty hard today and we all went back to the dock soaking wet. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Sunday 18,2016

 Wind SSW 15-20

Full moon

My sport's today Paul MA, and friend Sam Montgomery, are looking to catch stripers and blues along Newport coastline. Today they are celebrate Sam birthday. Both men have some experience fishing but not using light tackle. Today would be a challenge with the conditions. The seas were angry and the prime water was not fishable. I found and area at the end of the trip that allowed us to fish. Sam and Paul both caught and released many stripers and a few blues.  Sam and Paul each caught a 27" striper a first for Paul. It was a good birthday for Sam. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

Saturday 17,2016


Full moon.

today's charter with Harold Moody and his son Harry returning for shot at false albacore.  leaving the docket 6 AM, hoping to find their first albie. Harry was first to find  an area with birds feverishly diving at the water. Very few signs of life with a few bluefish up to 8 pounds. We continue to move on. Looking for more activity. There was very little signs of life. For as far as you could see. We found that area holding enough fish to keep us occupied occupied for couple hours. School size stripers and bluefish came over the rail quickly. covered a lot of water today looking for the elusive. albie, water quality was the main issue today. Finally found an  area about a mile wide. It has relatively clean water. We staked out our ground and waited. The opportunity arose and Harry made a perfect cast and almost immediately hooked up to his first false albacore. After a short battle the fish was right below the boat and suddenly the fish was gone. Harry did everything right, the 16: tests just gave way. Both  hank and son Harry had a good day. It was a good day when they left the dock. Father and son spending the day together on the water, nothing better. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines





  Friday September 16,2016

Wind light , Full moon

 Leaving the dock around sunrise with Peter NilsenLong time fly fisherman, looking for a false albacore on fly. Today we started off early with a dozen school stripers. As the tide filled in we decide to head to an area holding good numbers of Albies. Today the water quality in the area has turned with the Algae spreed along the coast. Knowing would not find what we were looking for moving on. We did manage to find some clean water and Peter went 1/1 on a false albacore. completing the Rhode Island slam. striper ,blue fish and albie or bonito.

 Peter enjoyed the day. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines


Wednesday September 14, 2016

Wind SSW15-20

High tide 6:15

   Charter today with Jim Cassidy and Joe Exner from New Hampshire . Jim has fished with me many times and Joe is new to Albie fishing. We made the long run to the Narragansett shore to try to beat the wind. Fishing was tough today. Fly fishing for theses speedy fish can be a challenge sometime. Today was one of those days.  They would show  and then disappear quickly spin fisherman definitely had the advantage today. Joe connected early with his first false albacore. He was excited  when he connected , couldn't believe the power. Both  me landed several today under tough conditions. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines


  Tuesday September13,2016

Wind SW7

high tide5:15

John Hagan back again for some more fly fishing. John has the Albie  bug and is looking for more action. We started the morning with fish feeding on small bait. Stripers 22-26 inch. As the bite slowed we headed off looking for fast moving fish . It was early and john already had Striper and Bluefish, needing a False albacore or bonito for the RI slam. We found what we were looking for and John did connect. The pods were small and spread out. Some days they are a little tougher to catch. The water quality changed and we lost the bite early. Heading back to the ramp we found more of the same brown water that has moved into RI coastline. You need to find the clean water to be successful. I will be out again soon Look fro my report Until Then Tight Lines.

.Monday September 12,2016

 Wind NNE 10

 high tide 4:30 am

Leaving the dock at 6:00 am with Gill Valentine hoping to find some fast moving False albacore. We spent the first hour catching Stripers up to 25inch. as the bite slowed we moved on to find faster moving fish. I prefer fly fishing and started off the action with healthy albie in shallow water. It was non stop for 2 hours Gill landed more than 10 albies and had the RI slam. Striper, blue fish and Bonito or Albie .I managed 3 on the fly rod, and spent most of the time handling Gill s fish. Today the bite slowed as the end of the low tide. moving along we were able to find a few small schools of Bonito but could not connect. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

 Friday September 9,2016

Wind WSW 10-15

Low tide 7:00 am

Today's the first day back in the water, after the storm surge hit Rhode Island. Although we did not have the hurricanes. Our coastline greatly affected by the severe winds and heavy surf. Unfortunately, my charters for the week were canceled due to sea conditions. Today I was on a scouting mission invited Dave Heanult , and Todd Corayer. Dave is the owner of ocean state tackle, and Todd is avid fisherman who writes fishing articles, for local newspapers and other publications (Fish Wrap). We launched the boat from Fort Adams Newport, Rhode Island. It wasn't long before we found birds actively feeding on the surface, there was no indication of fish chasing bait. But my sports connected quickly on 3 to 5 pound bluefish. Todd new to fly fishing managed to catch two stripers today both on fly. Many bluefish came over the rail today, with largest one being about 8 pounds. Dave even managed to pick up up to 3 pound sea bass while jiging in the area with his favorite epoxy jig. As the to start the flood tide , the water quality deteriorated quickly. It looks like the storm surge has brought up slug of brown algae into our area. I do hope this passes soon, as it will  affect the fishing. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Saturday September 3,2016

Wind North 10-15 shifting to the East

high tide 9:52 am

 Calm Before the storm

Today Seth Berger fro New York, visiting Newport for the holiday weekend. First time fly fishing saltwater. Although Seth has little experience salt water fly fishing. He has a great deal experience casting flies, as we started the day. I went into the basic routine of salt water fly fishing. Things like strip striking , and explaining not to  high stick the Rod .Also and how to play and land a bigger fish. Seth seem to pick up the technique quickly, and soon was fighting and landing his first fish. After an enjoyable flight of several minutes a beautiful  striped bass was in my hand. After quick picture the fish was on its way to fight again. Seth landed more than a handful of nice bluefish in the 5 to 8 pound range. Also his first, he was impressed that the fight the bluefish gave him the fly Rod. We spent the morning looking for some bonito which were present in the area. Unfortunately, we did have one good shot but Seth was unable to present the fly. I'm sure he will be out fishing saltwater  again sometime in the future ,and I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Friday September 2 ,2106

NNW 10-15

New moon

 Today the wind and seas were very manageable, leaving the dock at 5:45  and the tide coming in we found a considerable swell out front. When the tide turned the sea's calmed down. The water  today was also was much cleaner than the last several days. This made for a much better day of fishing. Small bait every where and bass and Bluefish feeding on the surface. John Hagan had a great time with good sizes blues. Thing will be better tomorrow with the storm front coming in again tomorrow might be the last day to fish this weekend. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

Wednesday August 31, 2016

 SSW 7 gusting to 20

Today Gill Valentine fishing hoping to find some light tackle action. We left the dock around six o'clock, to find heavy swell in weed along most of the shoreline. the storms heading up the coast have impacted Rhode Island's fishing. There is still  large amounts of bait along the coast. With big surf and heavy weed can make fishing most of the area difficult. The Atlantic ocean is churned up. Although the storm is 100 of mile away the conditions are impacted. We found bluefish and stripers in several areas. but conditions would definitely a factor. Looks like the entire week ahead will be affected by the storm surge. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines


Tuesday August 30, 2016

 Bill drove up from Boston to fish Newport as I arrive at the dock and my sport is waiting for me. When I am ready to leave the dock the unthinkable happens the engine will not start. After several attempts with a jump start of the batteries, no go. I checked the few things still nothing turned over but something was not firing. A disappointed client to say the least. back to mechanic and quickly finding the issue. One of the primary electrical connection  was disconnected when they replaced the cowling on engine. This should not happen, I launched the boat close by into the bay to make sure all systems are a go. Headed to Newport to find large swell and weed along the coast. The storm  along the Atlantic has caused our area heavy surf and dirty water. Bass and blues were hard to come by today.

 I will be out again soon, look for my report  Until then Tight Lines.



No fishing today engine service, routine maintenance 300 hour tune up

Out tomorrow  look for my report.



 Sunday August 28, 2016


 Today fishing with Roger and his son Carl from near by Massachusetts looking for some light tackle action. Leaving the dock at 6:00 am we found birds working on small bait early. School size stripers and bluefish willing to take our offering. Roger and his son landed one after another for a few hours. Carl started to feel a little bit under the weather. leaving the area to find some quiter water. The action slowed for us and we headed back early. a good day for both . I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

Saturday August 27,2016

NW9 low tide 9:20 am

Saturday morning 5;30 am and the boat ramp is already full to capacity . The report of Bonito along the coast has really peaked the interest of all fisherman. Today I pick up my clients up on Jamestown Island. Chris Rounds and his daughter Liz ,with her friend Alex Brandeis. Chris and Liz have done some fishing Alex never fished saltwater. But they all pick up my style of fishing quickly. We found action quickly, birds were diving on small bait and the bluefish were also. Soon Alex and Chris were fighting 5-6 lb blues. Alex never caught a fish this large. All the landed fish today , with Alex catching the largest fish weighing in at 9lbs. he also caught the most fish today. They enjoyed the day on the water  and really liked  fishing with the light tackle .  I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines



Thursday, August 25, 2016

SSW 15 low tide 7:02

Brian Dick back for his second day. today would be much different than the calm conditions we fished yesterday. As we left the dock this morning at 5:45 the wind was already well in the 15 mile an hour. With the building seas anticipated for the day, my plan was to run out as far as I intended to fish and hope to get the morning in. As we were heading out I spotted birds working in a remote cove. We stayed in that area for over two hours landing stripers up to 26 inches, one after another. At one point, Brian landed 12 fish in a row all healthy school  stripers. The best fish of the day was dropped boat side when the the hook came loose as I grabbed the leader. The tide had turned and was already coming in. We decided to  venture out find more action .By nine o'clock, small craft advisories been posted and the seas were angry. We fish on the birds working quickly, with little activity just a few bluefish. We were back to the dock, by 11 and Brian had great time in the last two days. Hope to see him again , he may return in a few weeks to get on the false albacore action. I'll be out again soon look my reports. Until then tight lines

 Wednesday, August 24, 2016

wind SSW 9 miles an hour low tide 6:00

Brian Dick from Connecticut has fish with me the last six years. Brian tries to get in at least four trips a year, he loves fishing in Rhode Island. Today we would be fishing the incoming tide. The morning started out very slow, picking up only a few bluefish weighing 8 pounds. As fished along the coastline, small baitfish everywhere. In the last few days Atlantic green bonito have made their presence known in a big way. Brian loves these little speedsters, he was hoping to connect today.  As we continue to move along the coastline  the tide was flooding in catching several bluefish. We were unable to connect with a striped bass. It was now 10 o'clock and  last two hours of the incoming tide. In the distance small terns working frantically. A sure sign of the presence of small bait. As I approached a massive bait ball was evident with the turns picking off the small bait. No signs of predatory fish. Watching the water for a few moments to see if there would be any activity, nothing. Brian made a cast in the area along the bait. Soon he  connected and the real begin to scream, line was peeling off very quickly. We have found what we were looking for bonito. We fish the area for over an hour, with no visible signs of fish. Never leaving the bait, Brian landed six bonito today, and more bluefish and I can account. it was a great morning but Brian mentioned that he was striper short of the Rhode Island slam. As we headed back to the boat ramp I decided to try a couple more spots. To see if we could catch a striped bass. As we Newport harbor and the tide was almost high Brian connected with school size striper, completed the slam. Catching a striped bass, bluefish ,and bonito or false albacor. Both Brian and I will remember this day, will be out again tomorrow look for my report. Until then tight lines


Friday August 19,2016

WNW10   Full moon

Fred Ferbush Staying on Prudence Island for the week, and I missed out on a trip on Wednesday ,mother nature had other ideas.  I moved a few things and we headed out on Friday. I picked Fred up on the dock along the Island East side. The wind was more than expected and fly fishing would be manageable. As we headed to Newport I tried a  few locations, with the rising tide I knew I had to find fish early.

Fred has never fished the salt water and today would be first of any fish. I found a spot with wind at his back and we drifted along the area. Feed was soon tight to his first  fish an nice 26 in Striper. he played the fish nicely.  Short time passed and Fred was on again a 8 Lb bluefish with fly firmly in corner of jaw. I landed the fish and released to fight again. We moved along to other places and the fish were around but the sun was bright and tide moving quickly. Fred fish hard and had a great time. hope we can hook up again. Will be out soon look fro my report. Until then Tight Lines



Monday August 15, 2016

fishing in the last five days has slowed down considerably with record breaking heat wave. Temperatures over 90° and thunderstorms, have taken its toll on Rhode Island's coastline. Large bluefish feeding along Rhode Island's shoreline has saved the day. Bluefish up to 10 pounds cruising along around looking for anything that moves. Today last-minute cancellation  Dave Heanult  and I fished yesterday. Only a handful fish were caught but all bluefish well over 10 pounds. Strong winds and high heat, has changed the game considerably. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines



Tuesday August 9, 2060

 West, Southwest light and variable

Today fishing with Brian Jacoby and Marshall Robinson. Brian and his family have been visiting Rhode Island for many years.  The live not too far down the road in the state of Connecticut, but enjoy the beaches along Narragansett shoreline. As always I start fishing very close to the boat ramp in an area that has a lot of structure. This gives me an opportunity to get my sports accustomed to my style fishing. Brian has loads of experience fishing for striped bass along the CT shore line. Marshall has very little experience and never landed a fish. Brian connected with  4 school stripers  the first half-hour. We moved onto an area that produce massive top water hits with 10 pounds bluefish tail walking on the water. Marshall finally caught his first fish. A 10-11 pond bluefish and also landed a nice school striper. Both men enjoyed the day beautiful weather and great views. I will be out again soon look for my report Until the Tight Lines


Monday August 8,2016

Wind NNW10 incoming tide

Matt Fernandes and his s friend Clarence fishing along the Rhode Island coast. conditions were ideal, light wind good surf conditions. Matt started off with a bluefish but seemed like we were not able to get on a bite for a couple hours. as the tide continued to flood. I wanted to look for some sign of life. The report of Bonito in the fish traps this week I knew it would happen soon. Jus ahead  the brief appearance caught my eyes. Could it be. a quick cast  and Matt was tight to the first Bonito of the year reported in RI. we finished off the trip with a few stripers. Matt caught all the fish today a Rhode Island SLAM.  I will be out  again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines


Saturday   August 6,2016

Wind SW15-20

incoming tide

As I left the house this morning headed to the boat ramp. The winds did not appear to be that strong. Upon arriving Newport I was greeted with with a South West wind 15 gusting to 20.Today fishing with Paul liberty in the son Joe. Paul will be fly fishing today in the son Joe who doesn't do a lot of fishing would be using light tackle. With the strong winds and sloppy sea conditions the areas I could fish were very limited. Paul came here fish and up for the challenge. I found an area where we could fish comfortably and possibly catch fish. Paul hooked up shortly after we started fishing, on the fly with a school striper. Using structure to shield the wind found a spot that held a mixed bag bluefish and stripers. Paul landed a handful of fish of the fly Rod both stripers and blue's , Joe landed  one using light tackle. It was very tough day .I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines


West wind 5-10 New moon.

Anthony Jerussi and his dad Anthony visiting Rhode Island. Like years in the past they are fishing today , looking for the fish of a life time. They are excellent fisherman and love to catch fish on light tackle. As we left the dock I could feel the would be better than the week before. Fishing has been a little slow  with the weather front and heat wave. Today was different, we found fish that would take our offering. Both men missed and opportunity  to land a big fish today . But some times they just pull the hook. We had non stop bluefish action up to 10 pound fish. Anthony jr and his dad landed loads of feisty blues on top water and swim baits. It was a good day, and we finished off with some nice stripers on the out going tide. I will be out again soon look for my report

Until then Tight Lines





NNW7 tide high  8:30 am

 Today charter with John Hagan and his friend Fred Weiss. Fred is visiting RI for Washington state. Fred has done loads of fishing salmon mostly. Today we were going to try to put stripe bass on his list. Things started out slow the crisp morning air it felt like a fall day. We fished all the structure finding a few fish along the way. Then a small piece of rock holding stripers and blues turned the day around. Fred landed more than a hand full of stripers and several 3-5 blues. John pitched in with several nice fish today as usual.

 I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then tight Lines

Monday, August 1, 2016.

East northeast wind 10 miles an hour

I arrived at Wickford Harbor and North Kingston to prepar for my morning charter with Mike Seminelli and his dad Leo. The rain was steady and the skies looked dark when Mike and Leo arrived, we discussed a reschedule. We decided to go out and get the morning in.  The skies cleard and it was pretty nice weather .Mike would be fly fishing Leo using light tackle. The strong Easterly wind and the definite change in temperature caused by the pressure change turned the fish off. Fishing was very tough today. Mike did hook into a few stripers but had trouble getting them to the boat. Leo landed one small School striper. Both men deserved a better trip, the conditions didn't help .I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

 Sunday July 31,2016

ESE wind Outgoing tide

Fish today with Thomas Heller, from the Massachusetts area. Thomas is an avid fly fisherman, he's visiting Rhode Island, hopefully to take his first striper on the fly. We left the dock early. And before starting to  fish, I was going over the few points. Like strip strike, rod position when fighting a fish and we talked about playing in landing the fish. Thomas has fished rivers for trout mostly. Thomas was well prepared when the first hit came shortly after we started the trip. Thomas did a great job landed his first striped bass , released  for another day. We fished the remainder the outgoing tide hitting many very fishy places. But only a handful fish were able to take fly today. Thomas had a great day and hopefully back again soon. I will be out again soon look smart reports. Until then tight lines


Tuesday, July 28, 2016.

Wind South 5 with low tide at 8:30

this morning was the first day that we've had favorable wind direction from the South. With extreme heat, fishing has been slow for the last several days. Started out no different as I worked along to spots with Will Willington and his friend Joe Freeman. both men were excellent fly casters, and I put the boat in all the right places. They should have been rewarded more frequently in the whitewater. The morning was very slow with Joe having only one fish, a fat striper around 27 inches. I decided to keep getting moving along the Newport shore. Then call that everyone likes to hear , having a slow, bite is on location not far away. We pulled open to area with fish slipping the surface in good numbers. Fly fishermen's delight. Joe again was the first hook up onto a feisty bluefish, it was nonstop for two hours. After that both men had continuous bites from bluefish up to 8 pound Will was throwing top water popper with floating line and doing very well  . Joe converted to floating line with a popper and both men continue to score. Will and  Joe landed and released more fish then I can count. It was great fishing with both , they are excellent fly fisherman. We had a good time, maybe we'll hook up again sometime. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Wednesday July 27,2016


Low tide 7:15 am

 Seth Nesbitt  from Washington ,and his son Cosmo booked a last minute trip for some fly fishing. the heat wave upon us has made the fishing a little more challenging. With the incoming tide we found little signs of live and , some areas were weed invested. Seth worked hard for a handful of small striper s today. Cosmo was not able to connect. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then Tight lines.

Monday July 25,2016

NW wind 10 shifting to SW

 Today Joe Lu and Megan Gatley, from WI. joined me for a fly fishing trip along Newport. They are trying to catch a fish in every State. This is not the first time I have uncounted anglers with the dream of hooking up in all the states. Joe and Megan would try to catch a fish on fly in RI.  a strip bass. The catch today was both anglers had to land a fish. Which can add a twist, both new to fly fishing, with only a year experience and never fly fished salt water. Joe didn't waste much time he was tight to nice 26 inch striper in the first minutes of the trip.  Let me just say the both landed a striper on the fly today. Megan landed a 25-26 inch striper  along some heavy structure. I will say both did a great job today. and were successful in completing there 15 state. Joe finished the day wit  a hand full of stripers and Megan just the one. The remainder of the week will bring The couple to  Mass. and CT. and NY. all fresh water fro trout ,  before returning home. I wish them good luck and tight line. I will be out again soon, look for my report. Until then Thigh Lines

Wednesday July 20,2016

Wind WSW 10

High tide 8:49 am

Leaving the dock just before sunrise, the morning air felt brisk. Gill Valentine  would be fishing with me today, Gill love to toss small plastic baits. But occasionally will fish top water plugs. Today the fish seemed to be more active than yesterday. every fish caught  was followed to the boat by several others. Gill found success early with a hand full of fish in the first hour. The water was still a littlie choppy when close to structure. We tried to target some large fish with big top water plugs , but the tide was really moving  and I believe it held the fish deep in the water column. Today was better than yesterday and after the moon phase and front move through, things should be back to normal. I will be out again soon, look for my report.Until then Tight Lines

Tuesday July19,2016

Cold Front

Wind NNW10-15   Full Moon

 Today Dan and Shellie visiting from Florida, joined me for light tackle fishing. They fished with me lat year and really enjoyed the Rhode Island stripers. Today we were faced with a full moon, I have mixed feeling about moon tides. I find it tough to get the lures and flies in the zone with the increased tide flow. Today that could have been the problem, the fish just were not feeding like they have been. Dan worked hard for a hand full of stripers, the wind was also a factor with lumpy conditions. Dan and Shellie enjoyed the day and are enjoying all that Newport has to offer. They will be back next year. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

 Sunday July 17,2016

Heavy fog wind WSW 5-10

Today is the second day that Jorge Costa his brother John and a nephew Matt returned to fish Newport. They had a great day on the water yesterday and hope for return performance. But then mother nature throws a curveball, heavy fog blanketed the entire coastline. As we left the dock this morning, I cautiously motored along the shoreline. Finding an area that has been holding some fish, the fish were not as active as they were the previous day and fishing was little more difficult today. The heavy fog took away all of our prime area, safety is always my first concern with zero visibility. All three men connected on striped bass today with around a dozen stripers.  Again today Jorge was the high hook, landing  half of the fish taken.The fish just were not as aggressive today . All three had a good time and I am sure they will be back again. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

Saturday July16 2016

SW 5-10

High tide 5:30 am

We left the dock early with the tide at the flood . Fishing the dropping tide could produce some good action. Today Jorge Costa his brother John and nephew Matt.  Jorge and John have fished before matt has never caught a fish. Today he changed that with his first fish within minutes  after we left the dock. We had good bite most of the morning with all three anglers hooked  up on more than one occasion. Jorge was high hook with double digit fish. They are out again with me tomorrow, hope to have more of the same.

 Out again soon , look for my reports Until Then Tight Lines.

Wednesday July 13,2016

South West 10-15 seas 2-4 ft.

Mark Ward and Gill Valentine joining me today for fishing along Newport Rocky shoreline. Mark is an avid fisherman, but the first time fishing with On the Rocks Charters. Gill fish with me many times ,and this is a business trip. Leaving the dock at 5:30 with a brisk wind from Southwest. We started fishing shortly after leaving the boat ramp, and it wasn't long till Mark was tight to  the first fish. A nice 28 inch striper taken on soft plastic. While fishing along the edge of some Rocky shoreline with deep water close by, marking loads of bait but that seemed to be the only fish . I motored out to fish the many reefs off Newport, Seas were lumpy today with a brisk wind from the Southwest. The fishing was slow around the outer reefs. As the tide turned ,the wind began to pick up even more. It was time to look for different area. It was tough fishing today both men had a handful of fish mixed bag between stripers and bluefish.  Mark and Gill worked hard today, it was a pleasure fishing with them. the first fish turned out to be the best fish of the day measuring 28 inches. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.

Saturday July 9,2106

Wind ENE 15

Low tide 5:30am

Today my sports are from Western Ma. they are spending the weekend in Newport  and hoping for some light tackle action. Sean VanDeusen and Eammon Coughlin, and Gwen Miller, long time friends and co workers. Sean has fished in RI many times Eammon and Gwen not much fishing experience. The fishing conditions the last several days, have been very lumpy with 3 to 5 foot swells beyond Newport harbor. Looking at the wind forecasting direction this morning. I was not to sure of what we would expect. I discussed that the conditions could be very difficult but would head out to see what we  could do. It was 5:30 AM  the tide was slack the wind is blowing steady from East Northeast. The morning breeze and heavy cloud cover ,made it feel very raw. As a motored  along the shoreline the conditions were not bad close to the structure. As we ventured out surprisingly, the conditions were relatively calm. We proceeded to go further along Brenton reef we found the conditions to be very manageable. Fishing conditions very tough in regards to the fact the fish were not very aggressive today. Following our offering to the boat but the larger fish just fail to commit. Sean was high hook with more than a handful of striped bass, Eammon landed several, Gwen, was unable to connect. I believe they enjoyed the day in spite of the weather. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines

Thursday July7,2016

 Heavy fog

Matt Libera visiting Rhode Island from N.J. Matt has visited Rhode Island many times in the past and has always try to catch fish from the shore. He generally stays out at Point Judith area but this time decided to book the trip look and see what Newport had to offer. We left the dock at 5:30 AM from Fort Adams State Park. Under blanket of heavy fog, motoring was very slow. Under these conditions  Rhode Island's Rocky shorelines can be deadly. Safety is always my first concern. Matt understood the situation we have before us and was willing to see what we could do. We finally got to an area where is comfortable fishing and quickly picked up a couple school size stripers. The fog was not letting up, and as it turned out it never burned off.. As the fog continue to roll in, I boated in the direction of Brenton reef. As I approached the reef, I had zero visibility in the 3 to 4 foot swell. It was difficult locating the reef itself ,whitewater giving its location away. Matt handle the conditions beautifully taken every opportunity to put the cast, where he needed to. I had to be on my game today , keeping the boat in position. Safely watching the swell and the white water, making it possible to catch the fish that were holding very tight to the reefs. Matt did a great job he landed 15- 20 stripers today, the best fish caught being just over 28 inches. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

wind Southwest 5 to 10, incoming tide

Today I fish with Jim Cassidy, Jim is a regular client and an avid fly fisherman. We left the dock around 5:30 AM. WE departed from Fort Adams State park in Newport, Rhode Island, the tide will starting to flood in. Upon stopping at our first piece of structure it wasn't long before Jim was tight to a school site striper. As the tide flooded in, heavy weed took over most of the areas we fished. It made it very difficult to make a good presentation. It was extremely hot and the bite seemed to slow down very quickly. Jim only had a handful fish today with a few stripers, but his best fish  today was 30 inch striper, taken from heavy structure. Jim made a perfect presentation into the whitewater. As the fly tumbled around, as he started his retrieve a very heavy 30 inch fish was online. We finished off with a few bluefish for the day and are back at the ramp  very early. I will be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines

Tuesday July 5,2106

 heavy rain

John Ober and his son Nick joined me today. they made the morning drive from Mendon Massachusetts. When we arrived at the dock for a 530 departure. The rain was coming down steadily. We decided to go with the forecasts of the rain to end in a few hours. John and Nick have done a great deal of freshwater fishing, Nick has never landed striped bass. we began fishing top water baits and soft plastics to see what they would eat today. John caught  quickly with a nice fish on top water bate. it took Nick  little while to get accustomed to throwing the baits, and appeared that his father was going to catch all the fish . Before the day was over Nick settled in and both men put double-digit fish in the boat. John had the best fish of the day with a beautiful 30 inch fish taken in 3 feet of water. The rain stopped, and we finished off with a few fluke, unfortunately not one  size to take for  the table. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines Tight lines

 Friday July 2,2106

 High tide 5:30 am

Narragansett Bay, still plenty of light tackle and fly fishing . School size striper's up to 27inch with larger fish in the mix. Silversides are abundant  in the bay. Richard Yang  caught many stripers using plastic baits. The tide was high around 5:30 am as we searched heavy structure with changing tide.  We found a good surface feed heading South out of the bay. Stripers and bluefish feeding on the small bait. This can be loads of fun with lighter tackle. As the tide dropped we headed to Newport, finding stripers on the first reef we stopped to fish. Soon the water was getting very lumpy with the increasing wind. We changed the plan and decided to look for some Fluke for the table. We found several nice fluke just short of the legal 18 in mark. with only one fish over the legal size. The conditions were not great for this type of fishing. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then Tight Lines


   Thursday June 30,2016

Wind light NW. High tide 4:30 am

Today's charter Marc Tye from Minnesota, visiting Rhode Island on a business trip.  Marc was looking to share a trip to help reduce the cost. It worked out that I was able to hook up a local angler to share the day. Gil Valentine fished with me on many outings  and is an avid light tackle angler. Marc has never caught striper or bluefish. He has fished fresh water mostly and is familiar with casting light tackle. Marc started off with a nice school size fish  within minutes of the start. He caught several nice fish on top water plugs and missed a few much  larger fish.  Both Gil and Marc landed many stripers and several bluefish today. We spent the morning fishing the bay taking advantage of the high tide . As the tide dropped we headed to Newport where we took several more fish along the rocky shore line. we found small bluefish feeding on silverside. I will be moving most of my trips to the Newport area after the holiday weekend.

I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then Tight Lines


Low tide 7:00 am

South wind 10 Gust -20

Fishing alone today, Narragansett Bay. The water was dirty this morning, with weed in most locations and dark coffee colored water. This had a serious effect on the bite. I looked in all the likely places and had little success. As the tide flooded in the bay, the water clarity improved. and the bite did also. again the last few hours saved the day. I finished with a several nice stripers up to 26 inch. most on the fly rod. The bait was small silverside, soft plastics with a 1/4 oz jig worked also.  I will be out again soon look for my report . Until then Tight Lines

Friday June 24,2016

Low tide 4:35 am

Wind NNW 7

Today John Hagan joined me for a morning on Narragansett Bay. We start early and launched from The mount hope boat launch. This is located on the East side of the Bay. With the early morning low tide, I wanted to check a few different locations. Fishing started out slow with only a hand full of fish as we approached 11:00 am. The last hour made the trip a success. John landed another 6 fish on top water plugs and many big fish showed fowling but turning away from his offering.

 No big fish today with most being good size school stripers.

 I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then Tight Lines


Thursday June 23,2016

High tide 9:52 am

I had an open day today and I decided do a little fishing for myself, with fly rod in hand and incoming tide. I decided to see what I could turn up around Narragansett Bay. I started the day at my favorite spot not far from boat ramp, I did manage to land several school size striper's. The tide was filling into the Bay and the winds were light. I did start with top water baits searching the area for aggressive feeding fish. After locating some fish and landing a few I grabbed the fly Rod. The fish holding very close to shoreline it was difficult keeping the boat position. I landed 2-3 fish on a fly but most my fish came on top plugs using light tackle. The best fish of the day came at the top of the incoming tide. This fish was  holding in about 4 feet of water and put up a great fight.  13 lb. released after a quick picture. More than a dozen stripers today, I lost another half a dozen. There was plenty small bait in the Bay, silversides cruising close to the shoreline. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

Wednesday June 22,2016

Full moon, light winds

Today's charter with Jim Reardon and his father, Bob. This charter was rescheduled from 2015 and we finally caught a break in the weather. We left the dock at 530 in hopes to find striped bass. among the many rock piles Narragansett Bay. Jim and Bob have fished together many times and this was a great time for father and son to share a good experience on the water.  Jim's father spends most of his time trolling, while Jim was very adapt to throwing top water baits. Jim started the trip off early with several school size stripers feeding on small bait. Bob landed 2 fish for the day both on plastic baits while Jim had double-digit stripers. There were no large fish  fitoday with the biggest one being about 26 inches. Both men had a good time and hope to see them again .I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

  Tuesday June 21,2016

 Morning Thunder storm/ Wind South west 10-15

After the rains came, as I was getting ready to leave for the morning fishing , we encountered a heavy thunderstorm with the rain and heavy winds. I decided not to go back to bed it was 4 AM, wait out the storm and see what developed. As the storm moved through around 6 AM ,I headed to the boat ramp to take a look and see how the fishing would be. I invited a good friend Gill Valentine to join me. This would be a scouting mission for tomorrow's charter. We started fishing close to the boat ramp. One of my favorite rock piles, Gill was using soft plastics imitating small bait. In short time Gill had a handful stripers to the boat. All healthy 22/24 inch fish, the wind was pushing us to the leeward shore a little too windy for fly fishing. I was working top water plugs. We had double-digit striped bass with many more lost before they could get to the boat. the big fish of the day was a healthy 25 pound striper, that completely inhaled my one oz. Needle fish. Conditions sloppy but the fishing was pretty good. Hopefully some bigger fish are starting to move back into the Bay. I will be out again soon look my report.Until then tight lines


Monday June 20, 2016

Wind SW10-15

 Full moon high tide 8:30 am

John Hagan today would be fishing, looking for stripers in Narragansett Bay. For the last few days the fish have been a little sluggish. . With the full moon we worked the structure close to the shore. Fishing was better today with some very aggressive strikes.  The wind picked up at the turn of the tide and the bite slowed. We ended with  7 nice stripers released to fight again. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then Tight lines

Saturday June 18,2016

Winds calm, clear skies

Today Nick and Dania from CT. both have done some fishing , as it worked out both were up to the task. They cast top water plugs and fishing the various baits like they have done this all the time. The fish were not on the feed today . We worked areas that has been very good the last several days. We could not get more than a few fish to follow. It was disappointing, I covered miles of coastline with points and drops, nothing. They deserved a much better day. The effort was there the fish just didn't show up today. Its fishing, I will be out again soon look for my report Until then Tight Line

 Friday June 17,2016

High tide 7:15 am

 Jeff Moore and his long time friend Jim , were ready to leave right on time. the 5:30 start would give us a chance to fish the end of the rising tide. Over the last few days large stripers moved in along the structure. I hoped for more of the same today. Fishing started minutes after we left the ramp. Jeff hooked into a solid fish,I was excited, this could be a good day. The fight didn't last long mechanical failure caused the fish to swim away. This unfortunately set the tone for the day. Shortly after  another big fish pulled the hook. Today we could not stay connected to the fish ..More than a hand full of fish fought there way loose. Both men worked  hard today and were excellent fisherman, it just didn't happen today. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then Tight Lines.


Tuesday, June 16, 2016

wind Northwest light and variable

Today fishing with her Herman Ho and Richard Lipstiz, both men are avid fisherman using light tackle today.   we  were fishing heavy structure along Narragansett Bay throwing top water plugs. Herman started us off right away with the first cast connecting with the 23/24 inch striped bass. After quick release , we proceeded toward different areas along Narragansett Bay. we found action to be steady, making a lot of casts and rewarded quite often. Both men landed over 8 to 10 fish today, with many more that didn't quite make it to the boat. Herman had the big fish of the day with a 23 pound striped bass. Rich contributed with a nice 15 to 16 pound striper. Great fishing with them today. It was nice to see some fish appear again throughout the Bay. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines



Wednesday June 15

 Wind's light  NW

Today finally a little relief from the wind, my fishing today with Jim Cassidy. He has fish with me many years and is an avid fly fisherman. Leaving the dock 530 to find stripers around Narragansett Bay. Jim worked very hard to hand full of fish today. We found water be dirty and off color. This  was a beautiful day bright sun of a little wind.  I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines.

 Tuesday June 14 

More of the same  Small craft  warning

 North West winds 20-25


Monday June 13,2016

Small craft warning

 winds 20-30 from the North West


Monday, June 6, 2016.

Today was a donated charter FLI 95 fishing

James McJunkin and partner Nick, fished with me today.  They are traveling along 95 from Maine to Key West, Florida fishing in every location they can to raise money for the disabled veterans. They contacted me several weeks ago, asked if I would be willing to help the cause by donating a charter. I agreed ,we meet at the dock at 530 this morning. These guys left Maine on Sunday morning and fish Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and this morning Rhode Island. We started the day off with James connecting with the fly on first cast 26 in-school striper came to the side of the boat. Both men landed their first striper on the fly today. Conditions could have been better, mother nature threw a curveball at us today. The guys hung in there and both put a few  stripers in the boat, it was a pleasure being with them. I hope they succeed in raising loads of money for the disabled vets. You can follow and find them on the FLI-95 fishing site on Face book. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines



 Sunday, June 5, 2016.

Up early this morning with a little bit of light rain. I decided to go out for a few hours to do a little scouting .The wind was light and the rain was not a problem with the early morning high tide. I want to capitalize on the new Moon with high water conditions. Today was fly fishing and found fish into 3 feet of water close to the rocky shoreline. For three hours I connected with a dozen  fish on fly the biggest one being 27 inches. Soon the bigger fish will begin to move on structure and the action will get better every day. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Friday, June 3, 2016.

Fish this morning with Chip Lawrence leaving the dock from Oakland beach at 6:30 AM. we were headed out to work the incoming tide along Narragansett Bay. With both fly fishing and light tackle, we started the morning off with  several fish but the action was slow as the tide came slack. Soon after the start of the tide started to go on the outgoing tide. We again began to pick up fish finding fish in all the places that we expected ,rocky shoreline close to deep water. more than a dozen fish came over the rail today. I'm very optimistic that the inshore fishing in the bay will get better every day. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

May 30,2016

 Memorial day the fishing season is in full swing. Stripers are feeding on large bait. Fish up to 30 lbs along Rhode Island coastline. The Providence River is the hot spot right now. find the bait and you will most likely find fish. If you like to throw top water baits the action can be fast and furious. Fly fishing is getting better also with more small bait pods along the bay. Striper's and bluefish in the bay can be found along channel edges and small coves. It is getting better every day. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until the tight lines.

May 23,2016

  I have had several outing's since my last report. Stripers are feeding along the Ocean State. Narragansett and Mount Hope Bay larger striper taking top water baits. The Providence area is on fire with fish in the 30-40 lb range, feeding on adult Menhaden. Now is the time to fish Rhode Island, book your fishing charters soon. I  will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines.


Saturday May 14, 2016

Stripers continue to flood into Narragansett Bay. Stripers have been found across the Rhode Island coastline. Find the bait and you will connect with hungry bass feeding. Adult menhaden can be found most any where in Narragansett Bay. But the majority of the large bait is around the port of Providence. Fly fishing this week I found several nice school size fish around channel edges and points. Squid can also be found along Rhode Island Newport and Jamestown are the best areas to find Squid. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

 May 7, 2016

    I had two day s on the water this week, and both days within a mile of the launch area, Stripers were feeding, fish form 20 -27 inch . On almost every cast for more than one hour after high tide I  caught most fish on small plastic baits, but took several on top water plugs. As the action slowed I landed several fish with the fly rod. As I moved North along the Bay I founds schools of large bait flushing from the Providence River. They seemed to be undisturbed, fishing in the area did not produce . larger fish are feeding North of the Providence Rive, into the Seekonk River. Early morning around high tide produced the best action. Fish up to 35 inch were taken this week. It wont be long before the larger fish arrive. look for improving weather to help produce bigger fish.

 I will be out again soon Look for my report Until Then Tight Lines




 Monday April 25,2016

fishing report.

 For a few weeks the Herring and the Osprey have been flooding into the Rhode Island area. The Herring runs are loaded with you fish returning to continue the cycle of life. The Osprey have built there nest and are ready  to bring new life.  The stripers are filling into Narragansett Bay and the Squid has started to appear. It wont be long we will bigger fish feeding on Large Menhaden and so it begins.

 I launched the boat this week to check all systems and I was very pleased to find Adult Menhaden in the Bay. A few small stripers also. I will be out again soon look for my report Until Then Thight Lines




Wednesday October 14,2015
Wind North West 10-15
New Moon\
High tide 9:15

 Fishing alone today Narragansett Bay, I decided to launch the boat Warwick, hoping to find fish moving into the Bay. Weather for the weekend, looks like it could be unsettles and fishing the Bay is always an option. I was on the water at 7 AM and fishing heavy structure along the many islands and shoreline of the Bay.  The the day was pretty successful with a handful stripers and bluefish up to 10 pounds. The bluefish are scattered throughout the Bay moving fast. Swim baits and  flies did the job today, bait fish fish of all sizes in the bay. Squid, silver sides , and butter fish. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

 Tuesday October 13,2015
 Heavy rain early
 wind North West 10-15

Monday October 12,2015
Wind West South West 5-10
New Moon
High tide 8:05

 Scouting area North of Newport fishing with  Gill Valentine, Columbus Day. I expect a lot of boat traffic on the water, many people will pull the boats, on this day as it is getting close to the end of the season. We started out fishing North of the Newport Bridge an area I had not fished since early in the summer. I was trying to avoid the heavy boat traffic around Newport.  And planed for this to be a short day As the tide started to dump out. We found large schools of bluefish up to 12 pounds. They were moving fast but there are plenty of them. There was a lot of boat traffic in the area and everyone seem to be connecting with bluefish. As the tide continued to drop the fish were moving out towards open water. We headed back at the dock around noon time with a handful stripers and many bluefish . 12 lb blues hitting top water plugs, doesn't get better than that.I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


Sunday October 11,2015
South west 10-15 gusting
High tide 7:30 am

 Chris and Ron visiting from N.Y. both men have plenty fishing experience, but mostly using bait such as eels, worms and clams. While the wife's were in town shopping Chris and Ron decided to try something different. Although both men have plenty of experience have not done much light tackle fishing. Looking to fish Rhode Island's waters hoping for striped bass and possibly false albacore. In the last two weeks, false albacore have thinned out along the Ocean State. We left the dock  looking for stripers along the rocky shoreline. Ron connected with a  striper around 25 inches, and I anticipated having a good day. We searched that area for other fish but could not connect. I covered water along the Ocean Drive with no signs of life whatsoever. The fish were feeding somewhere, all we had to do was find them. We had little success today with only three stripers on light tackle. Both Ron and Chris deserved a better day, unfortunately it wasn't meant to be today. As we parted ways I thanks both for the effort .I'm sure that both Ron and Chris will continue using bait as opposed to light tackle. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


October 9, 2015.
Wind the South, Southeast, 15 to 20 gusting to 30 small craft advisory.
High tide 6:07 am

Kurt Ransohoff, visiting Newport from California, hoping to get a four hour trip in this morning. Meeting around 630, wind was already blowing 15 and I knew we had to get this done early. Mother nature took away all the prime water today. Not allowing us to go out front, 3 to 5 foot seas with very close interval made navigating the on the reefs very difficult and not safe. I found a protected shoreline and we worked it in hope to catch a few stripers. This was deep water structure, which can hold some nice fish. Very tough conditions today. Kurt but did excellent job landing 2 very nice stripers while fly fishing. Wind blowing 15-20 and casting was difficult. Kurt is an excellent  fly fisherman and deserved a better day. Sometimes you have to take with mother nature gives you. I'll be out again soon look my reports.  Until then tight lines

Thursday, October 8, 2015.
Wind today North Northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour.
High tide 5:16 AM
water temp 62 Degrees

After a successful outing yesterday. I was hoping to find clean water and less wave activity.. As I left the dock early this morning my friend Gill and I hoping to find some stripers along the oceanfront on the reefs off Newport.  Fishing along some deep water structure. Gill was tight with a nice school size striper on his first cast. We quickly had 4-5 fish in the boat and decided to move on. The tide was moving quite heavily at this time , it was difficult to get our presentation down to the deep water where the were  fish holding.  We searched for stripers and  hope to see some false albacore. The water temperature at this time was in the low 60s. I am fearful that they could've moved out of this area. We fish through the dropping tide and connected only with a few more fish. We found birds working frantically over fish, but they were moving very quickly. mostly small bluefish. Things will get better as the month comes to an end. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


October 7,2015

Wind North West 5-10

Today was the first day back after the constant windy conditions and heavy rains. John Hagan  fly fishing with  me today , scouting Newport area. I was hoping for signs of life and finding some fish was my goal today. The water temp was 54 deg. when leaving the dock this morning. A little cold for the False Albacore, but I had high hopes. We didn't find any FA but John managed to boat around a dozen stripers today. 2 fish just legal size. all fish on small flies. The water was still very active with 3-5 ft swell near the reefs. Clarity needs some improvement, with around two - three foot visibility.  Things will improve I will be out again soon, look for my report Until then Tight Lines

Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

Its been a week since the boat has been in the water due to strong Northeast winds heavy rain and building seas.

heavy wind,  lot's of rain 5 or 6 inches. Small craft advisories have been up for the past 10 days.

This is my report for the last eight days, I have unable to go fishing and I am chomping at the bit. The last outing was very productive with false albacore striped bass feeding along Rhode Island coastline. At the last outing I found loads of baitfish along our coast. We have  had big North East wind  for extended period of time averaging 20-30 MPH. This is like shuffling a deck of cards. Some areas will have baitfish they didn't before and others will lose fish as they move on to other areas. I'm heading out tomorrow, hoping to find calm seas and loads the fish. Still plenty fishing ahead, I expect a great finish the month of October. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines.

  Monday September 28,2015
Wind North 5-10

High tide 8:20am
I had open day today and thought it would be the best day of the week. John Hagan fly fisherman and Rhode Island resident, fishing with me. We left Newport harbor around sunrise, and not long after the sun was over the horizon John was tight to a fast moving Albie. We fished the area where the fish have been feeding lately. We had no signs of life around the boat but the fish were there. John landed 3 False albacore before the tide went slack. we did manage the hook another but the knot failed when the tag was jut short enough to stretch out, not a good thing. The bite ended with the area becoming scattered with a few small pods of albies thrashing on the surface. But the feed 's were brief. We finished off the day with a nice striper . The weather look's bad for the rest of the week, I have charter's that will be canceled. Hope the fishing remains steady after the front move's out. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines.

Wind North, North East 10-15
High tide 6:30 am

We have had considerable amount of wind from the North and the East for the past week. The seas have been very active with average 2-4 foot swells. The conditions have been very tough. My sports today Mark Kohler and Brian Emmons. Both men looking split a fishing charter. Its unusual to find a fishing partner to split the cost. But it happened that both men were thinking alike for Saturday trip. I pulled the trip together and both men fished like they were long time fishing buddy's. The wind was light early and the water was considerably calm, until the tide turned around . Mark  started off with his first false albacore, and shortly  landed his second. The bite slowed down early with fish in the area but they became finicky. Both men had multiply shots into fish. We change baits several times. Other boats had the  same problem. Brian had a fish on briefly and was not able to connect today.. Mark landed a bluefish to finish the day. The cold front upon us has impacted the fishing, lets hope things change soon. I will be out again soon look for my report . Until then tight lines


Thursday, September 24, 2015.
Wind Northeast 10 to 15 gusting > 20
outgoing tide.

Today I fished along South County beaches, with Tim from Savannah, Georgia. Tim has fished in Rhode Island one time before. Today we are looking for stripers and false albacore. With the continued North East wind the fishing conditions were very tough again today. The seas have not laid down and continue to pound the area with 3-4 ft swell. The harbors and estuaries loaded with small bait, but the oceanfront seems to be void of life today. A few small pods of fish were spotted early but they were only up briefly. The fishing is definitely slow down during this past week with the continued cold front locked in on our coastline. I spotted a quick moving pod of False albacore, Tim made a beautiful presentation and the drag was screaming. This fish made  run of over 150 yards. We landed a nice False albacore with a quick photo, relieased and back to fight again. Unfortunately it would be the only fish today, the conditions were very tough. It was a pleasure fish with Tim and I hope to see them again soon. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


Tuesday, September 22, 2015.
Forecast Northeast wind 10 to 20 with gusts to 25
 Tide outgoing

Fishing today with Stephen Alex , from New York, State. Along with his son Ben. Both men are avid fly fisherman , and are looking to connect with the first false albacore. Yesterday wind up over 25 MPH  I knew today would be very difficult for fly fishing. The small craft flags were up with seas 2-4ft. I launched the boat  where I thought I could get a little bit of protection from the strong winds. Today, the weatherman was spot on which is unusual, the wind was blowing 15 to 20 and gusting. The seas were standing up around 3-5 foot with very short interval. Fly casting was very difficult today, at times, it was even difficult to stand. Both men did a great job today. Connecting with the first false albacore in rough conditions. Ben connected shortly after we started, after a very long battle. This fish fought unlike others did not take a lot of line but stood its ground and fought him straight down. After several minutes and sloppy seas. I had the fish over the rail for quick picture then back in the water. Steve connected with a fast moving pod of albies ,making a beautiful cast ,on his back hand. After a few screaming runs he landed his first. Ben connected with his the second  fish of the day, Three false albacore over the rail today it was a good day. we did not see a lot of fish today, just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Thanks to Ben and Steve dealing with the very tough conditions. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight line

Rhode Island fishing report
September 13, 2015th to September 20

Fishing along the ocean state still remains very good, fly fishing light tackle enthusiast ,connecting with stripers, bluefish, false albacore with a few bonito mixed in. Although some areas can be hit or miss, on any given day the fish could be in location today and that same area void of life the next. A good starting places where you found fish the day before that usually works best. While this week that was not the guarantee. I've been doing this long enough to know when there is going to be good activity at any given day after a short while on the water. My approach is find bait we generally will find fish, the bait fish has been abundant around Rhode Island's coastline. Sometimes too much bait can be a big problem. I had a full week with fly fishermen, and I will say we connected with fish every day. Some days are better than others and some days we cover a lot of  water. Following is a brief breakdown of how things went down this week.

Saturday, September 19.
Wind light variable from the Southwest heavy fog.

   Hunter Harlow, visiting Rhode Island from the state of Texas. Hunter is an avid fly fisherman , land lock stripers and Red fish. Never ocean run stripers, bluefish or false albacore.  Leaving from Newport harbor at 615, with the fog so thick I could barely see the bow of the boat. I don't believe I ever ever encountered fog so dense. We slowly motored away out of the harbor and cruise along the rocky shoreline. We were lucky enough to come upon some breaking stripers working tight to the rocks. Hunter was throwing the fly and the baitfish was just flying out of the water with stripers following them. We had several takes early in the trip, unable to get them over the rail . Did manage a few stripers as the fog started to lift, we moved  a little further along coastline. Hunter connected with his first Albie, but not  too long into the fight fish came undone. Shortly after he connected with another false albacore, the first him . Shortly after the fog lifted  with temperatures climbing, and bright sun the bite was over. I covered a lot of ground to the East with no signs of life whatsoever. We headed back to the dock, Hunter had a great day catching his first false albacore and first striper. I will be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines.

Tuesday, September 15 through Friday, September 18.
Marc and Gary's fish count for the last 4 day's Thanks to Captain's Ray, Aron ,and Eliot for the Intel.

Stripers 30, 2 keepers. Bluefish 5-10 from 3-8 lbs, False albacore 20 landed with many lost after first run.
We would be fishing the incoming tide. Most of the week  Fly fishing only
  Marc Sykes and and longtime friend Gary Bayard. Are booked the the next 4 days. Both men have the fishing together for many years and  avid fly fisherman. We covered a lot of ground this week and we connected with fish everyday .Stripers and bluefish, false albacore. But I traveled from one end of the state to the other couple days. Some days it worked out very well on other days it didn't work out too well. This was very warm week. The temperature was high and the bite was sometimes over very early in the morning or nonexistent at all. On Monday The seas were angry with 30-40 MPH winds and small craft flag flying. 
Tuesday,  September 15
 We started out at 6:15  from an area where I figured I would have some protection from the  swell. Shortly after sunrise this the seas started to lay down a little bit made fishing very manageable. We found an abundance of bait fish with hungry fish feeding along the rocky shoreline. Sometimes there's just too much bait. Bait fish jumping all over the place with stripers and False albacore along the rocks.  Marc and Gary have never seen anything like this. The bait was so thick, we constantly  snagging bait fish on the fly. It was 11 o'clock in the morning we only managed one false albacore. Marc connected with the first fish. The rule is you never leave fish to find fish but this just was not going to work. My Intel from other captain saying it was going off pretty good 20 miles to our west. I turn the key and we headed in that direction. We got the the action slowed and it did not look to good good for us, I continued to head further away from the fleet. We found some feeding false albacore, (thanks Aron for the call) it happened much later in the day. Both men connected  with false albacore in the boat. Gary had seven or so and Mark only connected on three. With many more quick released ,I think it was a good day. and made the 60 mile's I traveled  worth it.
Wednesday, September 16
 We decided to put the boat closer to the  location where we found the action late the day before. That decision didn't turn out to be so good. The morning was completely different  . There were some fish breaking the water but no sustained bite was going off.  Very difficult for fly fishermen , again  turn the key fire up the Mercury and head West . Luckily we found feeding bluefish late in the day another long day. Both landed several bluefish and Gary connected with again another false albacore.
Thursday, September 17
    We decided to change it up and headed to new location, found feeding stripers early. But as the sun climbed up over the horizon with the bluebird sky, extreme heat for September, and flat calm seas the bite was over. I covered  the several miles to the east, with no signs of life it just didn't look good. Heavy weed along the rocky shoreline took away most of my prime fishing. Again with Intel of the bite going on in the opposite direction. I decided to make a move,  With some prime water ahead ,hoping to find a feed along the way. From point A to point B with no signs of life in between, you guessed it, as we got to the hot location the bite was over. Unfortunately the finished today with a handful stripers, both men landed there first stripers.
Friday, September 18
 Marc and Gary's last day on the water. I was definitely hoping for a much improved fishing conditions. we left the dock early morning with beautiful sunrise and clear skies. The fishing Gods were with us this day. Finding stripers along rocky shorelines ,Gary connected with several fish Mark was struggling to put some fish over the rail. We switched a few things up, gave Marc a different outfit any finally connected on several fish. Both men had many stripers With each landing there best ,around 30 inch.  Marc fish was the bigger one, both had multiple false albacore, Mark even had a slam, striper, bluefish and false albacore. In my opinion it was a pretty good four days a fishing, I hope Marc and Gary were very satisfied with the outcome. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

  Wednesday, September 9, 2015.
Wind South, Southwest 10 to 15 increasing
 5:44 AM hi tide

My sports today, Mr. Al Winkler and his wife Cindy visiting family in R.I. from Pennsylvania. They are Pittsburgh Steelers fan's, and that made some lively conversation while fishing today. The seas were little sloppy today with 3 foot waves and short interval between.  Not lot of small boat experience I decided to find an area with less wave action. Both Al and Cindy have been on many salt water charters, but never of light tackle variety. Their experience lies with trolling,  bottom fishing. Today would be a new experience for them. They fish fresh water for trout and bass with spin gear. So they required very little instruction . They  hope to accomplish catching some new species. striped bass , bluefish , maybe some bonito or false albacore. Cindy started us off quickly catching her first fish beautiful 23" striper.  Al soon joined in the fun.  We spent the morning throwing swim baits along rocky shoreline. Both landed over handful stripers today . Most were good school size fish 23-27 Inch solid fight on light tackle. Al finished the morning off with a  12 lb bluefish, it was great spending the day with them.  Good luck with his Pittsburgh Steelers in tonight's game against the New England Patriots. Go Pats . I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Tuesday, September 8, 2015.
Wind West, Southwest 5 to 10 increasing15-20

Fish today with Carl Barromeo, leaving the dock around 6:10 this morning, with full high tide.
Hoping to find some bonito or false albacore Carl is an avid fly fisherman ,and fishing with me for several years. we covered several miles of prime water today. casting  structure and under water structure. The birds were flying in search of bait. As the tide was  dropping out ,the bait was more active and so were the small Terns. I found and area close to some rocky shore line , with the birds frantically diving for their next meal. Carl and I found loads of good size stripers feeding on Peanut bunker. It was difficult to score today with only a hand full of stripers just under legal size. The problem the bait was so thick we were constantly snagging the peanut bunker with the fly. It was exciting to watch the action , but frustrating at the same time. The seas were building and we started to head back to the ramp area hoping to find some activity along the way. Carl had a good morning enjoying his day on the water. I will be out again soon, look for my report Until Then Tight Lines


Friday, September 4, 2015.
Low tide this morning, 7:45 AM
Wind North Northeast 10 to 15. Increasing.

  Today fishing with Matt and Jennifer Mundt, from upstate New York. Visiting family in Rhode Island, second trip light tackle fly fishing this year. Matt and Jen fished in mid-June. It was both the first time saltwater fishing for stripers using light tackle. Matt would be fishing with the fly and Jennifer spin fishing using soft plastics. Fishing everyday is different, it has been tough the last two  weeks. With loads of bait along the coastline and few fish found feeding them. But today ,with the bottom of the outgoing tide we were greeted with tons of bait, and hungry stripers feeding not far from the boat ramp. Jennifer was high hook today with well over a dozen fish. She could tell you how many , I lost count. Matt had an good day also fly fishing. putting over a dozen  stripers ,with his biggest just under legal size. Increasing winds forced us to move into a more protected area. Where we  would  finish out the trip. Only to find more stripers feeding along the rocky  shoreline. It was a great to spend the morning with them .  Back  at the dock early, Jen and Matt could see the sights in Newport. Best way to start the holiday weekend. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Captain Rene Letourneau On The Rocks Charters 401-359-3625


Thursday, September 3, 2015.
Low tide 5 AM
8:00 am

 A little later than usual this morning, allowing the tide a little time to turn. Fishing today with Gil Valentine, hoping to do a little scouting for weekend charters. In the past week. We found weed everywhere along the rocky shoreline of Newport. Making it very difficult to find fish along the structure. As they say every day is different I was hoping for different result today. We stopped along a few of my favorite spots with no sign of fish. The tide starting to  flood in and. We searched along Newport's oceanfront, looking for stripers along the rocks. Gill took a handful of  stripers up to 26 inches fishing Ocean Drive. As the bite slowed ,I decided I to  head east looking for some fast-moving fish. As we approached 2 hours before  flood tide. I found birds working over splashing fish, I knew immediately. These were large bluefish. We had our way with large bluefish up to 12 to 14 pounds, fly rod. and spin gear , top water plugs, swim baits . All produced killer bluefish , we found most fish several miles of coastline. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

 August 24,2015 August 31,2015

 Cold front ,Full moon

Rhode Island coastal fishing report
The last week of August is upon us, and we have warm water temperatures along Rhode Island's coastline. The baitfish  is abundant, from silversides,. peanut bunker, small bay anchovies, and throw in some tinker mackerel to top off the menu. With the abundance of baitfish around, and a cold front over the weekend. Throw in a full mooon with extreem high tides. It was tough to find a solid bite.
The striper bite can be over early in the morning with the bright sun and high heat. .Blues fish up to 12 lbs can be thrilling on fly and light tackle. But the Bonito and False albacore can test your tackle. Bonito are still along the coast and can appear quickly. The false albacore have joined the party and things are getting  interesting.  Now is the time to be wetting a line.
. . I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.

 Newport RI
 Tide Low 8:56 am
Fog with light rain

 Today  fishing with Tim Parkin and his wife Lynette and daughter Lindsey. Tim will be fly fishing today looking forward to his first saltwater outing. Tim is a avid fly fishermen, targeting trout ,steel head and Salmon. In the Detroit area, visiting with  daughter Lindsey here in RI and hoping to target  stripers on the fly.
 Leaving the dock we found fog surrounding Newport. the light rain accompanying the fog was not to heavy at first. As we continued into the morning, Tim landed his first striper on the fly. The ladies each had several fish today, Striper's and Bluefish.
 The rain continued to fall on the Newport area. Our trip was cut short , as the skies opened up on us. It was a pleasure fishing with Tim and his family. Hope we can hook up again. I will be out again soon look for my report Until the n tight lines.


 Wednesday, August 19 2015
Wind South Southwest 5 to 10 miles an hour.
Temperatures 72° at 4:30 AM.

Today was Brian last day fishing with me of the season. I picked him up at his hotel at 4:30 AM, arriving at Fort Adams State Park  5:20 am. Today we were greeted by extremely heavy fog. One thing I enjoy about fishing is the fact that every day is different. You never know what you will find. One thing was no different than last two days it was extremely hot.  We are in third day of a major heat wave.  Temps into the 90 degree. This is definitely is affecting the fishing in the Ocean State. With heavy fog like this it restricts heading out  open water, for safety reasons. We found some heavily structured area not far from the ramp. We were less likely to encounter other boat  traffic . Brian's first cast to a nice piece of structure, he came tight to what appeared to be a very nice fish. After lengthy battle and some give-and-take fish finally pulled the hook. We continued to work the rocky shoreline waiting for the  fog to lift.  Around 7 AM Brian had boated 5/6 nice school stripers up to 26inches. We headed out to open water, hoping to find some kind of life. Along  one stretch of Rocky shorelines ,some birds working in close to the shore.  After investigation found school Bonita feeding on surface. Brian hooked immediately . We released several mice Bonita today. Also stripers and bluefish up to 12 pounds. We finished up  Brian s  outing, with  stripers, many bluefish up to 12 pounds and several Bonita.  Its always a pleasure fishing with Brian .I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


Tuesday August 18,2015
WSW 5-15
high tide 10;58 am

Conditions , Heat wave very hot
Wind from the West Southwest 15

As we headed out to my favorite section of rocky shorelines, we found very sloppy conditions. We covered miles of water with  only  of one striper. The dead low tide to start  the morning,and the bite was definitely changed. We motor along Newport's Rocky shoreline. Heavy weed along the ocean front. We continue to move east, hoping to find some fish. I received report yesterday , bluefish and some Bonita found several miles east of Newport,. As we arrived at this location. We found 3 to 5 foot seas and absolutely void of any activity. I was told the bite start later the tide. We move into some protected area and found some relief from the conditions, hoping as the tide turned. The seas would lay down. Around 10 :00 we moved east along open water. Finding loads of activity  12 lb bluefish all you could handle. after two hours Brian's arms were sore and we headed back to Newport on the flat calm conditions. Brian I will be out again tomorrow of my report. Until then tight lines

Monday August 17,2015
high tide 9:45 am
New moon

 It was hot yesterday and the report say same for the next three days. Brian Dick, who fishes with several times a year. In town for the next three days.  From nearby Connecticut Brian likes to fish and does a few trips with me a year. I enjoy fishing with Brian, we entertain each other nicely on the boat. Fishing is slow around Newport area with the bite being an early morning. Today was no different . Newport's rocky shorelines not far from the boat ramp ,we found more than a handful stripers up to 26 inches. We lost the bite as the sun came over the horizon. I decided to move west towards point Judith, with reports of bluefish and some  Bonita. The extreme heat has changed the fishery with fish moving around deep water. Heading over to Narragansett. We found some breaking fish. Bonita all around the boat, Brian hooked three of these speedsters today but failed to bring one to the boat. we covered a load of water found bait all along the way . Not to many fish , thing's can change quickly.  I will be out again tomorrow. look my report. Until then tight lines


Sunday, August 16, 2015.
Wind  West, Southwest 5 to 10 miles an hour
high tide. 9:43 AM.  New moon  

 5:30 AM from Newport and it was already 72° it was going to be a hot one. Fishing today with Michael Lindgren  his son Carl  In Newport form nearby Massachusetts. The both have a lot of fishing experience but little salt water light tackle. We headed a few miles outside the harbor ,  fishing near by structure. We found stripers up to 26 inches feeding along rocky shoreline. Both top water baits and swim baits did the job today. It was a tossup who had the most this today is pretty even with about 14 coming to the rail before we left that spot. I sure am glad we stayed catch a few. Because it was the last place we found fish today. As the sun rose over the horizon the fish just moved. The rocky shoreline was covered with grass and weed. Which made it difficult to fish structure. We were of the water by 10:00am. Both Michael  very pleased with the day. I'm glad we got on them early. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


Saturday, August 15,2015
 Incoming tide  

  Kyle Dowers and his cousin Zachary who is a Rhode Island resident looking for some fly and light tackle action. We planed on a Jamestown pick up and were heading out around 5:45. Zachary started the day off with a bluefish and  school striper shortly after we cast the lines. Kyle hooked up with his first striper on the fly rod. He was fishing with an 8 weight and 250 grain line. He was playing the fish and I could tell he was enjoying every minute. This was his first salt water outing. The fish was ready and with leader in hand  as I reached for the fish. A beautifully executed 360 back flip and the fish was gone, leaving me holding the fly. It was  beautiful 24-25 inch striper .His first , It bothered me more than it did Kyle.
 Zachary was high hook with more than a  hand full of stripers and a couple bluefish. Throwing top water and swim baits. Kyle never hooked up again this day, be has the skills and will be very successful chasing saltwater game fish. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

Friday, August 14, 2015
Hi tide. 8:30 AM. Newport, Rhode Island

Today I fish with John Hagan, a longtime Rhode Island resident and avid fly fisherman. Leaving Newport harbor. 5:45 AM and headed out along Newport's Rocky shorelines. It was a New Moon which meant an extended high tide. The tide was moving at an increased rate, making it difficult to get the fly in the zone. John was fly fishing today, and landed a hand full of stripers along Newport's oceanfront. With the extended high tide. There was a lot of grass and floating debris in the water. Making fishing structure difficult. There is a load of bait along the coast right now. Things  will  break open soon. We had a few bonito sightings and did manage to take one to the boat. The bonito are scattered along the coastline in feeding in short bursts. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


August 13, 2015.
HI tide. 7:45 AM

Today I fish with Joseph Bray and his sister Jill. Connecticut residents visiting Rhode Island's one of many  beautiful beaches. Visiting for the week Joe pick a great day to be on the water. As we left the dock this morning were greeted with flat calm seas. We started our search looking for any signs of life, we spent a good part of the first two hours of the morning fishing  some structure ,and some beaches, hoping for some signs of life. With little or no activity at all and now eight o'clock, I decided to head more offshore. Still, not many signs of activity. So we dropped a few jigs to the bottom to maybe catch a few fish dinner. Several sea bass came to the boat before we had a keeper. Within a short time as the tide starts move out more signs of life. Then Joe jigging for sea bass hooked into a very nice fish ,healthy striper weighed  15 pounds. Joe had the big fish of the day, but Jill was high hook. Jill had three bonito and a nice 6 pound bluefish. Both ,Joe and Jill had a great day. It was a pleasure fishing with them and they took some fish home for dinner. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines.


August 10,2015

North wind 5 calm seas

High tide 4:00am

 With the early morning hide tide. Leaving the dock around 6:00 am. We would take advantage of the tide dumping out of the harbor and breach ways. Small bait flooding out like a high way, along the coastline. from Point Judith . Today with Dave Henault we were after Bonito. These little speed rockets, arrived in very catch able numbers on Friday. They were in the area for more than a week, waiting for the bait to flush out. Fly fishing and light tackle doesn't get any better than this. I will be out again soon ,look for my report. Until then Tight lines

  July 31,2015
 Winds West Southwest 5-10
 Hot and Humid

Well the month of July is past us, and the fishing has changed immensely last two weeks. The extremely warm weather, has increased the water temperature and the stripers have found comfort in cool deeper water. Most of my fishing this past two weeks, started very early in the morning. Today was no different, leaving the dock this morning before sunrise with Gill Valentine. As motor out of Newport harbor we headed East . Along Ocean Dr. on to some deeper water.  Shortly after we started Gill have his first fish of the day on top water plugs. After give-and-take battle, a beautiful 15 pound striper came over the rail. Quick picture released the fish to fight again. As we continue to fish there seemed to be signs of bait. The top water plugs worked today. And then another huge splash and a solid take. Beautiful striper 18 lbs, all fish were released today. this was a very enjoyable day. Gill caught his two best fish of the year. With the temperature rising we headed back to the dock around 9:00 am. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


   Wednesday July 29,2015
   Wind SW 5-10
   Heat wave

 Dave Erwin has been fishing with me for years along with his daughter Daniel. While visiting the beach in Charleston R.I. Fishing would be a new appearance for cousin Sydney. Daniel has fish with me before, and I will say she can get the job done. I was hoping to get the girls into some nice fish. Considering the heat wave and clam seas, I decided change my normal routine. Which usually works fishing structure early in the morning. I decided to head to out deep water,  and see if we could take a nice fish. It wasn't long after we arrived, that we were into some beautiful 8 to 12 pound bluefish. The surface action with top water plugs, is probably the most exciting way to catch fish. Daniel as usual was high hook for the day, Dave manage several nice fish, while Sydney boated several herself, and lost a few others. Everyone had a great day. I enjoyed fish with them. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines

 Tuesday July 28,2015
  Wind SW 10-15

John Fietkiewcz, back again from NJ. John fished with me last fall. Today we are  looking for some striper action. John is an excellent fisherman, but the 3 1/2 inches of rain yesterday had me a little concerned. Fishing has slowed , the last week and a half, due mostly to heat and extensive winds. And we find ourselves in another heat wave. Heavy fog slowed us down this morning, we were limited to interior shoreline around Jamestown. John connected with two small stripers along rocks. When the fog finally broke. We headed out to areas where  I have been turning over a few nice fish in deep water. Upon arrival into deep water structure John fishing a large spook type plug. He connected with the best fish the of day 14 pound striper. It was good day under tough conditions  John will be out again .It is a pleasure fishing with him
I will be out again soon look for my report Until then Tight lines


  July 24 ,2015
 Wind North West 10-15\
Low tide 7:30 am

 Benjamin and James arrived in RI around 3:00 and were meeting me for 6:00am. Both were excited to try fishing for stripers. The fishing was tough today with the increasing wind, and new to this style of fishing . Ben and James were soon making cast with the distance needed to search for these fish. The past week the fishing has slowed. The fish are moving to deeper water. Ben landed his first striper and James missed a few chances. We finished the trip with an hour of jigging. they caught several sea bass and managed some for dinner. Ben and James will be back again,  I will be out again soon look for my report Until then Tight lines

Wednesday, July 22, 2015.
Wind Northwest 10 to 15

Low tide 5:50 am
Finally heat wave is over and the cool Northwest wind should help with fishing. Fish today with Mark Davis from RI and his 13-year-old grandson Sam Davis. Sam is visiting from VT. has never fish saltwater before, but has some freshwater experience catching large mouth bass, perch. I started Sam off casting, top water plug, Jumping minnow
 easy to cast an easy to fish. Sam picked up rather quickly, and it wasn't long before he landed his first striper. As the morning progressed his casting improved greatly.  Sam and Mark were making long casts. It was needed today to cover the water, the bite was a little slow. Sam connected with beautiful 7 lb bluefish .A great fight, after a picture we released .  Mark also landed a nice bluefish. We searched a little more structure along shoreline with no luck. I returned to the outside deep water. Shortly thereafter, Sam connected with a beautiful 24 pounds striper measuring 38 inches long. The drag was screaming and Sam was loving it. It was a pleasure watching the expression on his face while fighting this fish. It wasn't long after we made another drift, the water erupted on Marc top water plug. It didn't appear the fish was that large at first. When finally boated and released a beautiful 35 pound striper. Measure 44 inches long. We took our time reviving this beautiful fish. Released to the water to swim  and fight again. Marc and  his grandson ,shared an experience today the memories  will last forever. They both released beautiful fish to fight again and had a great day on the water. It was my pleasure fishing with them. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

Monday, July 20, 2015.
Wind South, Southwest 5 to 10

Anthony Jerussi, and his father Anthony Senior. They are visiting Rhode Island and decided to try some light tackle fishing. Both men had plenty of experience, all we needed to do was find fish. Conditions were good today but extreme heat the last several days has deathly slow down the bite. We picked up several small school size stripers along rocky shoreline. The fish  moved into much deeper water, we started working some areas more than 25 feet for over some very nice structure.  We caught a few bluefish, and then Anthony Junior hooked into a very nice striped bass, we landed a release a beautiful 32 inch striper from 10 -12 pounds. Both men had a great day. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

Sunday, July 19, 2015.
South winds 5 to 10, heavy fog.

Today scheduled fish with my son Damon and his wife Chantel. Newport today  light wind and heavy fog.
 working closely shoreline and fishing some nearby reefs. The action slowed today, heavy fog took away most of the prime water Damon boated and handful of  fish. I had a great day spending with my son my daughter in-law . I'll be out soon with my report. Until then tight lines

Friday, July 17.
Light wind from the Northwest.

Open day today, beautiful on the water fly fishing with bluefish off Newport coastline. Large bluefish crashing on the surface. Taking flies and top water plugs. Awesome day on the water. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines
Thursday, July 16, 2015.
Wind North, Northeast, 16 to 25 gusting to 30
I had to cancel today's charter with Stephen Alex his son from New York. They were in the state for morning of fishing alone Newport rocky coastline. Fishing conditions today gale force winds made it impossible . I made the decision canceling trip today, unfortunately Stephen and his son had to head back to New York without a day on the water. I hope to see them again before the season is out. Maybe in September for false albacore. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


  Wednesday, July 15, 2015.
High tide this morning 8:01 AM.
Wind East Southeast 5 to 10

Josh Hung from Massachusetts visiting Newport , saltwater fly fishing for the first time. leaving around 5:30 AM, with more wind than I expected. The S E wind was damp and with it came some pretty heavy fog. After hitting some areas close to the shoreline so I could get Josh casting. I realize that he would be okay with the deep sinking line and decided to move onto some better fishing areas. Very thick fog took away all the prime areas today along Newport coastline. The fog never let up throughout the morning, and Josh and I worked areas around Jamestown. Josh was casting the and 9 weight better as the morning progressed. It wasn't long before he had his first striper in the boat. A healthy 26 inch striper. Josh missed couple fish today and landed two not bad for the first time saltwater fly fishing. We ended trip, with poor conditions Josh  started to get tired. He had a good day, and improve his casting greatly. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

 July 14, 2015.
Hi ties 7:15 AM
Wind direction ESE 5 to 10 and gusting

Fishing today with David. Henault, owner, operator of the Ocean State Tackle. Dave is a very knowledgeable fisherman, and very enthusiastic about light tackle. We were greeted this morning with 2 to 4 foot seas, and very ominous clouds. We struggle for the first hour until the tide changed with Dave having only 2 fish. By this time, the wind had picked up in the conditions were deteriorating. I hit one more reef on the way back to the dock, we found terns working over splashing fish. The seas were a minimum of 3 feet, and the conditions were very difficult. By now, the rain was coming down steadily, but Dave continued put fish in the boat. for the next hour and half it was a two-man operation. My job was to get the boat position so Dave could make a cast if we both did our job. We connected with  24-26 very healthy fish, then reposition the boat try again. Today was very extreme conditions, wind rain and sloppy seas. Dave hung in, not many people would have .Total today 14 stripers and one bluefish. I will be out again soon, look for my  report. Until then tight lines

Monday, July 13, 2015.
Hi tide 6:19 AM
Wind ,West Southwest 7 to 15.

With an open day decided I decided to see what I could find around Newport. When fishing alone, I always start a with the fly Rod. Left Fort Adams  5:15 AM, hoping to find fish along the many reefs in Newport. For the first hour into the slack tide, the fishing was very slow with only 2 fish on the fly. As the tide started to go out the fishing picked up. I took several fish on light tackle , soft plastics and top water plugs. I finished of the morning fishing one of Newport's reefs on the dropping tied with fly Rod. back at the ramp around 10:00am with about eight stripers on a fly rod and five or six on spin rod.  Nothing big today ,I did turn the head on a fish I could keep out of the rocks. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lin


July 8 to July 12, 2015.

Fishing along Rhode Island's coastline is very good right now. There is an abundance of bait, along our shoreline. Sand eels ,squid, small butter fish can be found at different times. School size stripers with a bigger fish in the mix can be found almost anywhere. Rocky shorelines along Newport, has produced loads school size stripers up 26 inches. Fly fishermen are connecting using sinking lines. Small flies such as sand eels, small bait fish imitations work the best. Fish along  South County can be good one day and not so good the next. 
You could find bait fish in one area today, and same area void of it the next day. Find bait and you generally will find stripers. Block Island is producing large fish for those fishing deep with  eels, or trolling wire line. Light tackle and fly fishermen have a difficult time finding a consistent bite around the island. Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island the water temperature has started to rise ,the fish have moved out along Rhode Island's coastline. Large schools of adult Menhaden can be found in the Bay. Stripers still feeding on large bunker. Look for bunker most anywhere in Narragansett Bay. With large stripers and bluefish feeding below them. The bluefish are becoming more active around the coastline with reports of 8-10 pounds fish . These toothy critters can be great fun light tackle and flies. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

July 8, 2015.

Wind South Southwest 10 to 15 gusting to 20 seas 2-4ft

low tide 6:44 AM

Dan  and Shelley visiting Newport from Tampa, Florida. Fishing with me today for striped bass around Newport Rocky shorelines. As we left Fort Adams at 5:30 and pulled into Rhode Island sound, I could tell by the swell that was greeting us fishing outside along prime waters would not be an option. I decided try to  find fish around somewhat protected waters. I was hoping that the wind and seas would subside. Dan has a great deal of experience. He has guided  Florida waters for redfish and trout for over 20 years. Shellie has done little fishing. My thoughts hoping to find some relief from the very large swell. Dan had no problem fishing under these conditions and boated well over two dozen striped bass. They could not connect with a large fish today. All fish between 18 and 27 inches. Shellie had the top fish her only one the day measuring 27 inches. The conditions never improved throughout the morning after the tide change the wind seemed to increase. We never did fish in the prime waters and cut the full day trip short. We all had a great time and enjoyed the company of the out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


 July 6, 2105

July 6, 2015.

Wind Southwest 5 to 10

low tide 5:30 AM.

Today I fish with Dan Miga his brother Rick, and nephew Justin McGuire. Dan is visiting his family from Colorado, and wanted to try saltwater fly fishing. With limited experience saltwater fly fishing, and three fisherman on the boat. It was difficult for Dan to get comfortable with fly fishing. I had limited time to coach him.  Dan struggled with the movement of the boat, with moderate wind. After watching  his brother nephew Justin landed a few fish. He decided to go to the spin rod himself. Justin was high hook for the day, with well over 20 fish over the rail. All stripers were between 22 and 26 inches.   Rick and Dan landed many nice fish also. Building seas  around three-foot  got to the crew and we headed back to the dock. It was a good trip had by all. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines .


Fishing report from Sunday, June 28 to Saturday, July 4.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Wind West Northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour

Stephen Caffrey, visiting Rhode Island for a few days looking to get some light tackle fishing. Steve's limited time roughly 4 hours, and yesterdays heavy sea conditions in Newport. Left us fishing in Narragansett Bay. Looking for stripers along the rocky shoreline. We had a good incoming tide and favorable winds. But poor quality water conditions, may fishing very tough the best fish of the day was a 6 pound bluefish taken along heavy structure. Several small stripers also came to the boat, it was very difficult today. With the with poor quality and heavy moon tide.. Stephen did a great job the bite just wasn't solid today I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.



Thursday, July 2, 2015.

Wind West Northwest 5 to 10 miles an hour.

Full Moon

Fly fishing Jim Cassidy, with me today leaving from Fort Adams State Park Newport, Rhode Island. We left Newport harbor around 530 and headed into Rhode Island sound we were greeted with for six-foot swells. We tried working around the first reef the conditions were just unmanageable for fly fishermen. I looked for better conditions along Jamestown's many protected waters. And Jim did manage handful striped bass. Difficult conditions left us school size stripers, taken from a heavy structure around Jamestown Island. Mother nature took away the prime water from us today. We did manage to turn a few heads. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

Wind  Southeast 9 miles an hour with thunderstorms predicted for the early morning. Another trip  with Brian Dick today, unfortunately it was cut short when were surrounded by thunderstorms. A quick run back to the dock after les than one hour of fishing. Brian will be back again before the end of summer. Hopefully will have been weather.. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

Full moon, Wind  West Southwest 5 to 10.

Fish today with Brian Dick, from Connecticut .Brian  fishes with me frequently throughout the year. The weather was perfect as we left the dock, and soon were having success with schools size stripers around the reefs. Fish seem to be on small bait such as sand eels and squid. Brian's best fish of the day was a 16 pound striped bass, measuring 37 inches long. This fish took a top water plugs off on the reefs outside of Newport. We finished with more bluefish that I could count. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


Monday, June 29, 2015.

Wind Southeast 5 miles an hour.

After yesterdays heavy rain, I headed out to see what mother nature left us,  heavy rain left the water a little stained. Along with full moon the tide was running faster than normal.   I was Fly fishing today and had a least a dozen fish. While fishing heavy structure around the Bay. The biggest fish of the day was 26 inches, but acted like he was much larger than that. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines


Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Heavy rain today cause me to cancel my trip with Roger T. We will try again next week.



June 19/ June 25

Thursday, June 25,

Wind West Northwest 5 to 10

low tide, a 20 a.m.

Newport, Rhode Island

Spent the today with Gil Valentine, it was good to be out on the open water. Today fishing heavy structure Gill connected with fish almost immediately. A dozen stripers all between 20 and 26 inches. Gil even managed to pull two very healthy to Tautog from the rocks. These fish on the spawn right now can be caught along the reefs while fishing stripers.  (closed season ) It was good to be on the open water. I'll be concentrating mostly on the ocean front of Newport, Rhode Island .I will be  out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines



Wednesday, June 24.

Low tide. 7:30 AM.

Fish today with John Bruno and Bill Place. Both men are members of the fishing club RISAA>. left the dock around 5:30 AM, I was fearful of the effects of yesterday storm. Heavy wind and rain  most of yesterday. Had a huge effect on the Bay conditions. We caught a few fish with others showing there presents. Fishing was difficult today. We did manage several nice school size stripers. From 20 to 25 inches.  Thanks to John and Bill for the effort. I will be out again soon. Look for my report Until then Tight lines



Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

Northwest wind 5 to 10

Hi tide 1:30 PM

Another storm today with heavy winds and tornado warnings. Left the dock around 6:00am hoping to get the early morning bite. The first hour I had 8 fish over the rail 4 on fly . The conditions change quickly. I switch to top water plugs to land several more. Then for the next three hours, I couldn't buy fish. The forecast was right. The weather did change wind directions  and seas picked up.. I got the best of the day early.

I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines



Monday, June 22, 2015.

Low tide was at 6:03

Wind out of the Northwest 8 to 10 miles an hour

No booked charter today, scouting I will go.  I decided to go fishing, mostly to see how much the weather impacted the bite. Water quality was very questionable today I struggle to get only a handful of bytes. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.


Heavy rain on Sunday forced to reschedule today's charter.



Friday, June 19, 2015.

When Southwest 5 to 10 increasing 15 to 20

tide high 10:48 AM

fished. Narragansett Bay with good friend Gil Valentine, with the dock around 6 AM is  shortly thereafter.  We have school  stripers up to 25 inches, and one fish over the legal size. We tagged and released two very healthy fish to follow the progress along the years to come. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then Tight line


week of June 7 to June 12, 2015


If you're looking for some great saltwater fishing, now is the time to visit Rhode Island. Large stripers are feeding in Narragansett Bay, schools of adult menhaden are being chased around the Bay by stripers and 30 pound class. Light tackle and fly fisherman, are connecting with good numbers of 18 to 25 inch school stripers with the occasional large fish in the mix. Top water plugs, can produce massive hits. This week small bait, started moving around the Bay now is the time to be fishing. Visit the Ocean State let me show you my favorite places I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

June 18,2015

Thursday morning 6:10 AM, fishing today with a good friend of mine. Paul is an avid freshwater fisherman who doesn't fish saltwater too often. Giving him a spinning rod with the three half-inch wooden needle fish. Within a few cast working around the boulders. Paul was tight to schools size, striper 23 inches. We proceeded to work around Bay from rock pile, rocky point .We caught fish almost every  stop we made. Pounding cast into rocky shorelines ,  Paul mad a cast, 6 feet from the structure, the water exploded with the fury of a 20 pound striped bass. Paul's personal bests in a pleasure to release the fight again. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines



Low tide today 7:25am Wind from from North Northeast 5 to 10. Left  the dock about one hour before low tide, and we would fish through the incoming. Today I fish along with Dave Henault, Ocean State Tackle. Today's fishing starting a little slow. But as the tide progressed we found fish along various locations around the Bay. We were fortunate enough to find fish feeding along the rocky shoreline. Dave and I had our pick of 25 to 32 inch fish for over an hour. It was an outstanding outing using light tackle. Dave had a great time and I wouldn't begin to say how many fish were caught today. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines




Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay scouting for future charters, it has been a week since I fished these waters. large bunker scattered throughout the Bay making fish much more selective and more dispersed throughout the Bay. I started out fly fishing, turning over many fish in the first 40 min. Using the floating line and small gurgler. at least 30 fish all school size 23-27inch.Top water was the action today. Great fun, with light tackle. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines

June 8 to June11,2015

Charleston R.I.  Boulder Cabins

I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Charleston Rhode Island. At the beautiful Boulder Cabins, located on Quonochontaug salt pond. For the first Orvis, Striper school. Pete Kutzer, Orvis casting instructor,along with Aron Cascone , Constant Angler Sport fishing Charters. Put the event together. Invited me to assist with the guiding. Three anglers registered for the school to learn fundamentals of striper fishing, but mostly learn the art of fly fishing. Mitch and his son Kenny from Chicago had never fished at all. The third student Pamela from New Jersey had some beach fishing and surf experience. The anglers spent the day in class learning  things needed to become successful with the sport of fly fishing. Each night the anglers would separate and go on a boat, to fish the warm hatch Ninigret salt Pond. The cinder worm hatch, something that not all anglers ever experience. Not all are successful. These fish can be very selective. The three students did the very well considering the weather on Monday and Tuesday night with cold and windy conditions. . All anglers had multiple hookups on each outing. They successfully landed stripers, on the fly rod, which is quite accomplished  for a beginner.. Congratulations to Mitch and his son, Kenny. Patience and perseverance paid off of these two. They picked up fly casting up quickly. Pamela with more fishing experience. Was just enough to make everything come together for her quickly. She had good success with stripers on the flats, and from the boat. Instructions  given by the Orvis casting instructor Peter Kutzer. I want to thank Orvis for the opportunity. Also Aron Cascone , Constant Angler Sport fishing Charters. I had a great time meeting new people and new friends. I'll be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines



June7, 2015

Sunday morning fishing Narragansett Bay, produce school size stripers along rocky shoreline. Top water plugs do the trick  1/1/2 ounce needle fish worked for most of the morning. Fly fishing brought many fish over the rail also using deep sinking line and large deceivers patterns. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines


Fished today with Matt Mundt, and his wife Jennifer. Both first-time fishing saltwater. Matt would try his luck with the fly Rod, and Jennifer had little fishing experience. We left the dock around 5:30, and stopped not too far from the boat ramp. With little instruction Matt was able to throw 9 wt fly Rod easily 50 to 60 feet. Matt has fly fished in the rivers and lake's in NY. As I was helping Jennifer with some casting instructions. Matt hooked up to his first fish. Jennifer had a difficult time connecting with fish today although she did manage landing 2 schoolies. Matt successful landed six fish today with largest one being 18 pounds and 35 inches what a thrill. The tide was high and he made a perfect cast into shallow area of boulder the fields and came tight to this beautiful fish. What an accomplished for a beginner fly fisherman. Great job Matt. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines

June 4,2015

Wind shifting from North east to South East. 5-10

It was steady fishing today, the bite started out early. With the tide rising expected for my 9 AM. Fishing today with Gil Valentine for some light tackle fishing. It didn't take long to get first fish on board, it appeared like it was start out just where left off yesterday. School stripers 20 to 25 inches. Top water plugs plastics and flies ,worked again today. At least two big fish responded to the hook with fury…and live to fight again . The ones that get away the keep you coming back. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines



June 3,2015

 The report for the week of May 25- June 3.

May has come and gone, summer is upon us. As far as spring is concerned it was the driest May in a long time. Fishing is improving every day, with large schools of menhaden throughout the Bay. Fishing today using flies and light tackle, top water , soft plastics baits. Several dozen fish came over the rail today. Most fish from the 20 to 25 inch range. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines.


It has been several weeks since my last report due to technical difficulties with my website.

The squid run is  in full swing, Newport and Jamestown are the best bets to find large schools of squid. adult menhaden can be found in Narragansett Bay.

Over the last three weeks fishing is improved greatly in the ocean state. school stripers from 18inch  25 inches can be found in Narragansett Bay feeding on small bait. with bigger fish in the mix. During this past week. Large stripers up to 35 pounds, are feeding on large menhaden. Fly and  light tackle fisherman not connecting with small bass using top water plugs and flies with sinking lines. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.

April 30,2015 .

Today is April 30, and it still feels a little bit like winter. The a temperatures in the 40s occasionally bumping into the 50s and 60s. Water temperatures around New England are still considerably colder than necessary, readings between 45-48 deg. Look the striper migration to be underway soon. Reports today of some small stripers appearing in Narragansett Bay. These fish will be moving down into the Providence River in search of bait. The boat ready to go and I'll start searching for fish, the first week of May . Look for my report until then tight lines.